February 2017

by Alana Doyle, Director of Public Relations

Family Weekend:


From February 17th until February 19th, our chapter hosted our very own Parent’s Weekend events. Family members from all over the country traveled to Tuscaloosa, Alabama to spend time with our sisters. The entire weekend was packed with events. On Friday night, everyone headed to The District Room downtown to enjoy a live band and show off their best dance moves. If it was a contest, the parents definitely won!Saturday night delta gammas and their families walked the red carpet for our Oscar themed gala which was held at Cypress Inn. Several sisters gave speeches about the impact Delta Gamma has made on their lives throughout college. To end the weekend off right, families were invited to the Delta Gamma house for a casual brunch before heading home. It was such a pleasure getting to meet the families of our sisters.

Jumping for Joy!

WELCOME HOME NEW MEMBERS! This semester Delta Gamma participated in informal spring rush. We are happy to announce that we now have 11 more sisters in our chapter. In celebration, we spent our bid day at a trampoline park getting to know the women that we have added to our family.

Who knew philanthropy was so tasty?

On February 10th, we had our annual Milk and Cookies event open to the public. As one of our fundraisers benefitting Service for Sight, our Foundation team organized an event to raise money and fill our stomachs. At our spring event we hosted a packed house of visitors which resulted in raising $8,500 for our foundation.

Sisterhood Spotlight

screen-shot-2017-03-03-at-2-12-30-pmSarah Michel is a sophomore nursing major that has set major plans for her future. After graduation, Sarah aspires to join Doctors Without Borders so that she can travel the world helping those in need. In order to achieve these goals, Sarah has served as a leader and mentor within Delta Gamma as well as gained directorship positions in SGA Homecoming, First Year Council (FYC) and Academic Affairs. Currently, Sarah Michel is running for Nursing Senate in order to make The University of Alabama campus a “happier and healthier place.” In Sarah’s free time, she enjoys rock climbing, hiking, and being outdoors.

Smooth Sailing: Post-Graduation Spotlight


Name: Ryan Ashley Koski

Career: Intern at the National Institutes of Health Clinical Research Center

Grad Year: Bachelors in Social Work 2015; Masters in Social Work 2017

Hobby or Passion: Horseback riding

Future Aspirations: I would like to pursue a career in family law!

How you continue to “do good”: When I think of “doing good” I think of “loving my neighbor as myself.” I try to “do good” by treating others with respect and kindness. I “do good” by showing my patients at the National Institutes of Health that they are respected and cared for. Delta Gamma showed me that a sister’s love and compassion is irreplaceable, so I try to show my patients that very same dedication and compassion.

Fun Fact: I rode horses for 12 years and I had to go to the emergency room once for falling off a pogo stick. 

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