by Alana Doyle, Director of PR


On September 26th, our new members finally got to celebrate joining a DG family and getting a big sister! The special event was held right outside of the Delta Gamma house. As the big sisters waited in their boxes for their littles, the new members arrived. When the countdown reached “Go!” our new members got surprised by their bigs! Back at the house, there was a body paint artist, snacks and activities for all sisters to enjoy! With costumes ranging from sailors to Katy Perry’s dancing sharks to inflatable cowboys, Delta Gamma was filled with fun! We hope that all our new sisters feel right at home in our big DG family.



In response to Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma, our chapter decided to put together a special fundraiser to collect items needed to help victims of these natural disasters. Delta Gamma reached out to the entire greek community and Alabama campus to ask for items like backpacks, hand sanitizer, crayons and more to help the cause. In the end, we gathered over 1,000 items in total. From there, we sent off the school supplies to areas in need and continued to live by our motto, “Do Good.”



The upperclassmen got to celebrate a night out at Rounders this month! With a surprise additional date party for the 2014 and 2015 Member classes, our sisters enjoyed a night out dressed in togas and glitter. The entertainment for the night was a local EDM DJ that kept the party upbeat and fun all night. We hope all of our sisters and their dates had a great time celebrating like it was 500 B.C.!





Year: Freshman

Major: Nursing

Hobby: Beauty pageants and community service!

Accomplishments Thus Far: I started a nonprofit organization called, “Emily’s Smile Boxes.” The inspiration for this organization was from my own personal experience with my little brother. Before birth, he had a stroke which resulted in severe brain damage that cause epilepsy, cerebral palsy, legal blindness and several other disabilities. During my childhood, I spent a lot of time in the hospital with my family and I wanted to give back to families going through similar struggles. I make boxes to give to children so that they have something to do while in the hospital. I have made over 17,000 boxes and have shipped at least one box to every state in the US. I’ve even sent boxes to Canada and Jamaica! Recently, I was also named one of the top five most caring youths in the nation and won the 2017 Miss Teen Texas International Beauty Pageant!

Fun Fact: I own a mini pet pig named Buddy!



Year: Junior

Major: Marketing with a specialization in social media

Hobby: Hiking, photography and traveling!

Accomplishments Thus Far: I serve as the Director of Marketing for Alabama Hockey. In this position,  I oversee all aspects of marketing within the team like ticket sales, fan involvement, fundraising and promotional stunts. I even get a chance to work with my sister, Erin Friedrich (pictured above) as she is the sideline reporter for all of the games! I am also the Vice President of Membership for the American Marketing Association. I handle member involvement and aim to acquire new members. In addition, I have also assisted in graphic design for social media and event flyers.

Fun Fact: I am half deaf!


Year: Junior

Major: Exercise and Sports Science with a minor in General Business

Hobbies: Traveling to new places and learning new things about places I have been to before!

Accomplishments Thus Far: I am currently running for Education Senate at The University of Alabama. I am focused on improving the health and safety of UA students. I want to bring healthier meal options to campus and make the kinesiology department’s self defense class more well known. I also served as the door song chair for the 2017 Delta Gamma recruitment team and was a new member group leader.

Fun Fact: When I was 12, I went night skiing on New Year’s Eve and accidentally skied down a black diamond. Half way through the trail I gave up and slid down on my butt the rest of the way.



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