by Emma Bannen, Director of PR


Mermaids and pirates and shipwrecks, oh my! Our first date party of the semester was a huge hit. The event was held at Wilhagan’s bar in downtown Tuscaloosa and music was provided by a live band. Delta Gamma sisters and their guests enjoyed an incredible time of dancing and listening to music. This was definitely a night we ARR(GH) never going to forget!



This month, the Beta Psi chapter hosted its first ever Slices for Sight philanthropy event. Delta Gamma partnered with the Delta Chi fraternity to host this fun-filled event. DG sisters and friends enjoyed endless pizza and cuddly canine friends. Our director of banners provided us with the perfect backdrop to capture our memories (shoutout to Nikki). This is the first time DG has partnered with a fraternity on campus for a philanthropy event, but it will not be the last. We raised over $3000 for Service for Sight and The V Foundation.


PJ Party!

We love our PJs at Beta Psi! Our new members cozied up in their pajamas to get to know their new sisters at the new member lock-in. They spent time learning about Delta Gamma and doing bonding activities and finished the night out with a movie. Later in the month, juniors and seniors put on their PJs again for a night of dancing at Galettes. With two floors and two DJs, there was plenty of room to have a good time. This event was a great time for our juniors and seniors to spend some quality time together.



The Big Reveal

The only thing better than getting your bid… is getting your big! After a few days of secret notes and gifts from their bigs, our new members finally got to find out who would be their big. Several generations of Delta Gamma families gathered at Super Skate to surprise their newest additions. We dressed up in matching outfits and skated our hearts out, already in love with our littles.




With school starting to pick up, we all needed a break. So, Beta Psi took a trip to Six Flags Over Georgia. A day filled with rides and sisterhood time is just what we needed to make it to fall break! We packed our fanny packs with the essentials and squeezed in as many roller coasters as possible. The Six Flags sisterhood is one that our sisters look forward to every year.




Alex Nehib


Year: Junior

Major: Chemical Engineering

Minor: Mathematics

Involvement in Delta Gamma: Former Director of Scholarship Programming

Campus Involvement: I’m involved with the Society of Women Engineers and the American Institute of Chemical Engineers on campus. Both are great ways to meet new people in my department as well as make networking connections. For fun, I’m involved with CHAARG which is a female empowerment and fitness club that’s all about health and wellness. This is my favorite part of the week and I love going to weekly workouts and small groups with my DG sisters!

Recent Accomplishments: I’m currently working in my second term as an Engineering Co-Op at Georgia Pacific. Being away from campus all week is hard, but the opportunity to work for one of the largest privately held corporations and learn more about my field has been incredibly valuable.

Favorite DG Memory: Taking road trips with my sisters to each other’s hometowns! We’ve been to Dallas, St. Louis, Chicago, Atlanta and more!

Fun Fact: I’m a huge hockey fan! (Go Dallas Stars!)


Lawson Colgate

Year: Freshman

Major: Public Relations

Minor: General Business & Spanish

Involvement in Delta Gamma: Homecoming dance team, Anchor Splash J-Board

Campus Involvement: On campus, I’m involved in Capstone Agency, Public Relations Student Society of America, and Capstone Communication Student Society. Capstone Agency is PRSSA nationally affiliated, student-run integrated communications firm. I am an Assistant Media Coordinator for Capstone Agency and work with EcoCAR to communicate the competition to the media. Being involved in Capstone Agency is very important to me because it reflects what my future could look like. As a PR major, I could possibly work for a communications firm. Capstone Agency also provides me with amazing students that push me to my limits and inspire me to be the best PR student I can be. PRSSA is a pre-professional organization that provides me with information about the public relations professions, networks with professionals and educators in the industry and improves my communication skills. CCSS is a similar organization. It provides me with access to all events, speakers, and anything else happening that’s C&IS related. These organizations provide me with hands on experience and learning.

Recent Accomplishments: I recently was accepted into the Capstone Agency as an Assistant Media Coordinator. I was one of 32/198 applicants accepted this fall. Writing industry newsletters, news releases, pitches, and blogs, I work with EcoCar to broadcast the competition.

Favorite DG Memory: My favorite DG memory so far is Bid Day. I loved running home to DG and starting to meet all my sisters. Bid day was so fun and everyone I met was very welcoming.

Fun Fact: A fun fact is that I currently run my own personal blog page in Instagram and my own personal YouTube channel where I post videos about my life.


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