August 2019

By Lawson Colgate, Director of Public Relations

Getting Ready for MC ’19

Without our preparation during work week and recruitment, we wouldn’t have been able to welcome all of our new members. Our recruitment team made all of the hard work worth it with themed days, fun activities, and the best member class on the row running home to Delta Gamma. Thanks to everyone for such an amazing recruitment!



Bid Day & Beyond!

Bid Day

On August 18th, after a long week of recruitment, the Beta Psi chapter welcomed home 120 new members. New members and their families celebrated bid day at the Delta Gamma mansion with Full Moon barbecue, Steel City Pops and lots of love from their new sisters. We’re so happy to finally have our girls in our arms. Welcome home MC ’19, we love you!



Bid Day Retreat

The newest Delta Gamma sisters departed after their Bid Day fun for the annual new member retreat at the Georgia Aquarium. Here they were able to spend the night sleeping “under the sea.”



Bid Day Sisterhood

We celebrated the Beta Psi chapter with a sisterhood date party at The Bear Trap in Tuscaloosa. Decked out in glitter and colors, we were livin’ the dream… dancing and singing the night away with our sisters!



First Day of Fall Semester

Who wouldn’t be excited for the first day of classes with our Delta Gamma sisters?! With work week and recruitment successfully over, we are settled into the Delta Gamma mansion and prepared to start school. We’re on the road to success this semester!


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