October 2019

By Lawson Colgate, Director of Public Relations

Anchor Splash

Beta Psi stays doing good the best we know-how. That is, fundraising for our philanthropy! For Anchor Splash Beta Psi partnered with The University of Alabama fraternities to benefit Service for Sight. From serenading our sisters, percentage nights, and practices multiple times a week, our members helped to prepare for our main event. Each fraternity had an anchorman who represented them in the pageant and question portion of the event, as well as someone who participated in the talent competition. To wrap up the event the fraternities each performed a dance, choreographed by their coaches, our members. With clever Delta Gamma related answers, remarkable piano players, and entertaining dances, there was never a dull moment! Multiple categories of awards were presented, including an overall award presented to Sigma Tau Gamma, the 2019 Anchor Splash champs! Although, Service for Sight is the real winner because we fundraised over $20,000 for our philanthropy!

Forever Home!

Hey sister, will you accept this rose? Our new members are officially official! Through inspiration and initiation, Beta Psi welcomed our new members into our chapter. These rituals are sacred to the women of Delta Gamma and we were delighted to share them with MC ’19. Following the initiation ceremony, families joined together in our beautiful home to celebrate with Monarch Coffee treats. Welcome to the lifelong membership of Delta Gamma, sisters!

Ghoul’s Night Out

With Halloween right around the corner, our members celebrated by dressing in costumes of their choice! The venue, The Historic Drish House, was decorated with spooky decorations to fit the occasion. Our members and their dates monster mashed into the hollows of the night. We had a fang-tastic evening!


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