November 2020

By Leigha Whitridge, Director of Public Relations

Ginger Bread House Sisterhood

Let the holiday festivities begin! To kick-start the most wonderful time of the year, we paired up and spent the evening decorating gingerbread houses and cookie Christmas trees with icing and colorful candy in our dining room. Keeping them together was a lot easier said than done, but don’t worry, only a few gingerbread houses ended up on the floor!

Ornament Making

In the season of giving, our sisters sent off these sparkling handmade ornaments to the residents of the Pine Valley and Crimson Village retirement homes. Never underestimate the value of a simple, yet sentimental, gift, especially in times like these. Hopefully these ornaments will serve as little reminders of the joy, warm wishes and snow we are wishing everyone this year.

House Decorating

How many sorority sisters does it take to decorate a house? We came together to get our house looking festive and ready for the holidays. Like years before, our Christmas tree, garlands and outside wreaths all incorporate our light blue with silver accents. Three stockings now hang above the fireplace in honor of our founders Anna, Eva and Mary. Our anchor shines bright on the row wrapped up in glowing string lights.

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