August 2021

By Leigha Whitridge, Director of Public Relations

Work Week & Recruitment

We were so thrilled to be back in-person this year for recruitment! Shoutout to our VP Membership and the membership team for all their hard work putting on an incredible recruitment. While being back with our sisters, we had such a fun week getting ready to meet MC’21 and remembering why we all missed DG so much over summer. During recruitment, all our sisters were so proud to share our sisterhood and the genuine connections that make Delta Gamma a true home away from home.

Bid Day

We swept the row this year and got such an incredible new member class! All our sisters absolutely loved getting to watch our 148 new sisters run home, and to welcome them to Delta Gamma with open arms. Our programming catered a great meal from Taco Mama and put on such a fun afternoon of getting to meet our new sisters. Bid day is by far the best day of the year, and the sisterhood only gets better from here. 

First Day of Classes

We all are so excited to be back in the classroom and to enjoy walking around our beautiful campus. Our sisters are already studying hard and working towards being top 3 in grades again!

Our First Sisterhood

Our sisters danced the night away at The Bear Trap, celebrating the start of new friendships and another great year ahead of us. We can’t wait to make the amazing memories with our sisters that will last not only during our college years, but for a lifetime.

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