Our Founding Story

By Anna Rzepkowski, Director of Public Relations

This week, though we are not together on campus, our sisters celebrate the holiday season and our founding from wherever they are. Though founders day is celebrated on or around March 15th every year, the Delta Gamma Fraternity was established on December 25, 1873.

In December of 1873 in Oxford Mississippi, three young women were unable to return home from the Lewis School for Girls for the holiday break. Anna Boyd Ellington, Eva Webb Dodd and Mary Comfort Leonard bonded together during this time and created the Delta Gamma Fraternity as a place for friendship and sisterhood that would later blossom into a safe and empowering community for women across the nation. Founded before the term sorority was used, Delta Gamma is now one of the largest women’s organizations.

This week, take some time to reflect on the connections you have made through Delta Gamma. Allow this story to inspire you in knowing that you can make a lasting impact, just like Anna, Eva and Mary.  Moving forward, we will continue to create welcoming, inclusive and empowering spaces for our sisters and those around us. As we honor our past, we remember hope, a pillar of our organization that points us to a brighter future every day. On behalf of Delta Gamma Beta Psi, we hope you and your family have a joyous holiday season.

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