Happy Spring Semester

By Anna Rzepkowski, Director of Public Relations

Happy Spring semester! The first day of classes at UA was 1/12/21 and the women of Beta Psi returned to campus.

Getting back into the routine of classes after a long break can sometimes be challenging, so to keep yourself organized, keep a planner of all of your weekly assignments, commitments, and activities. If you are already feeling the stress of a new semester, take a break by getting coffee with a sister, exercising, reading, or getting some sleep. It is important to take time each week to prioritize your mental health to keep from getting overwhelmed. We also encourage you to utilize campus resources!

However, returning to campus is also exciting because of all of the opportunities UA has to offer. From DG events, to club meetings, to University Programs events, there is always something to do!

We are excited for the semester ahead filled with attending sisterhood events, serving our community, getting involved on campus, and making memories. Stay tuned to see what exciting things are coming up for Delta Gamma Beta Psi this semester!

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