Galentine’s Day

By Anna Rzepkowski, Director of Public Relations

Valentine’s Day is a holiday in which many couples celebrate their love. However, this holiday is also an opportunity to show your appreciation and love to friends and loved ones. This Valentine’s day, we have some ideas to celebrate the love in your life!

  • Send a text! Whether it be to your grandparents, best friend, or sister, send a text to someone you love, reminding them that you care about them.
  • Have a girls night. Valentine’s day is sometimes best celebrated with friends, so host a “Galentine’s day” movie night, grab some snacks, and spend some quality time with your friends.
  • Spend some time doing self care. Some of the most important love in our lives is within ourselves, so show yourself some love with a face mask, your favorite pajamas, and a good night’s sleep!

No matter how you choose to celebrate, take some time to appreciate those around you that you love and those who love you! 

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