Anchor Games

By Anna Rzepkowski, Director of Public Relations

During the first week of October, Delta Gamma Beta Psi held its first annual Anchor Games, formerly known as Anchor Splash.

Anchor Games is a philanthropy event where DG partners with fraternities on campus for a series of competitions over the course of a week. This year, fraternities competed in a serenade competition at the DG mansion, a banner competition, a basketball tournament, a volleyball tournament, a dance competition and the Anchor Champion competition.

These competitions were a great opportunity to engage the whole Greek community on the UA campus in our mission to Do Good for amazing philanthropy, Service for Sight!

The winners of these competitions are as follows:


  1.  Chi Phi
  2.  Beta Theta Pi
  3. Lambda Chi Alpha


  1. Delta Tau Delta
  2. Tau Kappa Epsilon
  3. Phi Kappa Psi


Sigma Chi


Delta Tau Delta


  1. Theta Chi
  2. Kappa Sigma
  3. Phi Kappa Psi

Anchor Champion:

  1. Lambda Chi Alpha
  2. Phi Sigma Kappa
  3. Theta Chi


  1. Beta Theta Pi
  2. Phi Sigma Kappa
  3. Delta Sigma Phi

Overall Champions:

  1. Beta Theta Pi
  2. Delta Tau Delta
  3. Theta Chi

Congratulations to the team and coaches for our overall winner: Beta Theta Pi!

We are also so proud and excited to announce that we broke Beta Psi fundraising record by raising $33,364.28 for Service for Sight! Thank you to our teams, coaches, Foundation team and everyone who attended these events for making Anchor Games such a success.

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