Convention Recap

By Sydney Bonner, Outgoing Chapter President

Hi all!

My name is Sydney Bonner, and I serve as the outgoing Beta Psi chapter president. When I reflect on my time as president, I believe one of the most impactful experiences in my term was attending Convention.

Convention is a special time when Delta Gamma members of all ages from across the world come together to celebrate our sisterhood, elect new leaders, and create a vision for the future of our beloved Fraternity. This was the 150th year of Delta Gamma, which we celebrated through rituals and sisterhood events.

Additionally, an aspect of Convention includes awards for collegiate and alumnae chapters. I am excited to say that the Beta Psi chapter’s hard work was recognized with several awards, including Outstanding Collegiate Chapter Runner-Up, Top Fundraising Chapter, and Top 3 Most Service Hours per Member. For Beta Psi, our motto, “Do Good,” is a way of life.

During the Convention, we formally elect our next leaders of the Fraternity Council and amend our Fraternity Constitution which guides the core of membership. Our incoming House Corporation president, Susan Kinney, is completing her term as Fraternity Treasurer. We are thankful to her service to the Fraternity for many years and for being a role model of servant leadership. I had the opportunity to meet our incoming Council members and I was inspired by their kindness and vision. Thank you to Dr. Amy Ayres, Joanna Shook, Vanessa Milara, Molly Peirano, Stephanie Brown, and Corey Bennett Williams. We look forward to seeing how you lead Delta Gamma fearlessly into the next 150 years.

I was lucky enough to speak on behalf of a group of collegiate chapter presidents about an amendment near and dear to my heart as a woman who is passionate about advocacy for the neurodivergent community. An amendment was recommended to allow collegiate students who are completing a certificate program to be given a bid when the language was formerly a collegiate student working towards a four year degree. This was a goal of my presidency due to a strong program on the University of Alabama campus called CrossingPoints for neurodivergent students. With the help of advisors and the presidents of Delta Sigma- Auburn, Delta Iota- Georgia, Alpha Psi- Mississippi, and Epsilon Kappa- Clemson, we wrote a speech regarding the importance of inclusivity. I can remember like it was yesterday the moment that this amendment passed… I have never been more proud to be a Delta Gamma.

I am so thankful to my chapter for trusting me with the honor of representing at the Convention; it is an experience I will never forget. I sit here unable to comprehend that my presidential term ends in one week. To Beta Psi – you have impacted my life forever. There is a museum in my heart, and it is filled with pictures of you.

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