Starting the new school year off right

By Hannah Brock, Director of Public Relations

As classes are starting to ramp up in the new year, time can fly! The question is, how do we start the new year off right? As most know, people like to pick resolutions to have a great start to the new year! Some like to exercise more, eat healthier or be a nicer person. Each of those resolutions will transform your life differently if you stick to it!

Caitlin Howell has been a Delta Gamma for three years now. She is involved in Bama Catholic and holds the title of Member at Large for honor board for the Sorority. Her new year’s resolution, quoted by Caitlin, is “to be intentional about my time! Everyone within DG has very busy schedules, myself included, and so I wanted to make sure to find specific time to set aside to be at the house spending time with my sisters!”

Intentionality is so important, and a great resolution! The best way to start the year off right in DG is to be intentional with the sisters in the house that will create lifelong friendships with girls that come to school from all over the country!

Over winter break, our sisters were busy traveling, playing in the snow and spending quality time with their families!

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