Our Philanthropy and What We Stand For

By Hannah Brock, Director of Public Relations

As members of Delta Gamma, we promote Service for Sight along with the rest of our Fraternity as a whole to ensure the future of our sisterhood and create a lasting impact for the foundation, one that will last much longer than us. Our dedicated members and friends come together and make it possible through philanthropy and service.

Service for Sight supports schools founded by Delta Gamma chapters and other organizations that assist and advocate for those in the blind community. This philanthropy has been our focus since 1936 when two women who were blind, Ruth Billow and Eta-Akron, petitioned to create “Aid to the Blind” as our official philanthropy. Last year alone, Delta Gamma raised $824,491 for Service for Sight.

As a Beta Psi Chapter, we also support The Alabama Institute for the Deaf and Blind. Sisters in the Fraternity will travel to locations to support and be in community with those who are deaf or blind! We spend time with them, do arts and crafts, and provide boxed meals from the DG house for them. The Beta Psi chapter hosts sign language classes to provide opportunities to connect on a new level!

Sisters for Soldiers is an organization we also support. Once a month, we send care packages to troops overseas that are full of items sisters purchased that are everyday necessities. We do our best to find connections from family or friends within the DG house to make each care package more personal.

Our philanthropy is very important to us, and we do our best to support each organization to the best of our ability, striving to make a difference in our community locally and globally!

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