Meet our Chapter Management Team!




Hometown: Tampa, Florida

Why CMT?: I have wanted to run for CMT ever since I walked through the house doors on Bid Day. The CMT made my freshman year everything I could have ever wanted. Shoutout to Katie Grace, Amanda, Leyla, Alana, Ally, Thalia, Chandler, Ray, and Amber for inspiring me to take on this role. Y’all were, and always will be, some of my biggest role models! Through their encouragement and love for our chapter, I recognized the impact that a position on CMT has on our members. I was most called to this position by the ability to connect with the women in our chapter and to be someone that they can trust. My favorite part of this position is having an outlet to be a motivator, mentor and friend to all 401 of my sisters. I see being President as an opportunity to be a servant to the women that I am lucky enough to call my sisters.

Why Delta Gamma?: I love being asked why I went Delta Gamma because when I went through recruitment, I couldn’t find a reason not to. Nothing compares to the level of acceptance and comfort that I felt every time I walked into the house during recruitment. What I think is so cool about being a Delta Gamma is the fact that I have sisters from all over the country who are smart, driven, absolutely hilarious, and reliable. I love being around women who stand firm in what they believe in and strive to ‘Do Good’ everyday. I feel so fortunate to know that no matter what, I will always have sisters who challenge, inspire and support me.

Favorite DG Memory: My absolute favorite memory is my freshman year Big-Little Reveal. Since that day, Lia and Katie Grace have been my best friends and biggest support system. I’m so lucky to have found the people who will be by my side forever. The first thing I did after being elected President was call them on FaceTime! It’s really special to have people to cheer on my best moments and greatest accomplishments, even if we live in 3 different states. I love you, my sweet family!

Future goals: I hope to obtain my PhD in Neuroscience from the University of Florida, and one day become a Neuroscientist researching cognition.



Hometown: Spartanburg, South Carolina

Why CMT?:  I wanted to give back to Beta Psi for all of the many things it has done for me. This chapter gave me the most amazing friendships and presented me with countless opportunities for growth. I can honestly say that I would not be the woman I am today without Beta Psi. I love being able to lead and make our chapter a better place.

Why Delta Gamma?: During recruitment, I truly felt a genuine sisterhood within Delta Gamma. Every woman I spoke to welcomed me with open arms, and the love I have for this organization has grown every day since.

Favorite DG memory: My favorite DG memory is my first Milk and Cookies fundraiser. I loved being able to connect with people outside the chapter and share with them a little bit of Service for Sight!

Future goals: I hope to attend graduate school at the University of Alabama, and then become a Registered Dietitian.



Hometown: Long Island, New York

Why CMT?: I wanted to join CMT because of my eagerness to contribute all that I could to the organization that I am so passionate about. Delta Gamma is comprised of not only the funniest, most intelligent, and encouraging sisters on the planet, but also the most important values designed to guide women to becoming the best version of themselves. The confidence I have gained from being a Delta Gamma woman inspired me to take on this role and contribute to an atmosphere that embraces authenticity and, above all, doing good.

Why Delta Gamma?: Going into recruitment with absolutely no expectations, I was extremely nervous and overwhelmed. That is, until I walked into Delta Gamma. Here, I met the most authentic, kind-hearted, and passionate women that I have ever encountered. The empowering atmosphere quickly eased my nerves and made me excited to possibly belong to such a meaningful organization. Each day that I am a DG, this meaningfulness reaches further, whether from making a new connection, being challenged by a sister, or finding a deeper connection within myself to the values of the organization as a whole.

Favorite DG memory: I absolutely loved spending time with my sisters and relaxing during Slices for Sight. We spent hours outside eating watermelon, fundraising for our philanthropy, and playing with dogs!

Future goals: I hope to graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering and a Master of Business Administration in order to gain the technical and commercial toolkits to design exciting projects, like roller coasters!



Hometown: Annapolis, Maryland

Why CMT?: The friendships and memories I have made during my time at UA have been some of the best times of my life. Delta Gamma has played a huge role in my life, and I want to give back in a bigger way. These past few months serving this chapter has truly grown my love for sisterhood in ways I would never have thought possible. Being able to serve such amazing women along side the rest of CMT is such an honor and truly a privilege. Because Beta Psi inspires me every single day to be my best and to never give up, I owe it all to the genuine sisterhood I have found here at Delta Gamma.

Why Delta Gamma?: Delta Gamma was the first house I walked into during recruitment. I felt so welcomed ever since that day, and kept coming back. On Preference Round, I just knew Delta Gamma was my home.

Favorite DG memory: Bid day! Running home to Delta Gamma was the start of something amazing.

Future goals: After graduating, I hope to attend medical school in order to pursue my dreams of becoming a Pediatrician and fulfill my lifelong goal of working with children.



Hometown: Berkley, Michigan

Why CMT?: Delta Gamma holds a very important place in my heart. My time at school has been deeply affected by DG in the best way. It has given me friends and memories that I will cherish forever. This love for the fraternity brought about a desire to give back and create memorable experiences for the rest of my sisters. The opportunity to serve them has been an amazing experience. I’ve made an everlasting bond with the fraternity that has allowed me to grow and learn as a Delta Gamma woman.

Why Delta Gamma?: Delta Gamma was full of so many genuine women. Anytime I met someone, it was so easy to connect, like I had known these women my whole life.

Favorite DG memory: There are so many amazing memories that it is hard to choose just one. Running home on Bid Day with a group of girls who I had just met was so exciting, but also nerve wracking. After getting to the house, I realized that we were all running home to the same place as Delta Gamma women, meaning we share similar values that bring us together. Right away, I saw that bond within my member class, which made that day so special to me.

Future goals: I am a nursing major. I plan to go back to school after I graduate to get my masters in the Science of Nursing so I can become a Nurse Practitioner.



Hometown: San Antonio, Texas

Why CMT?: I came to Alabama not knowing a soul in the state. Being from 13 hours away, I knew I was looking for a sisterhood that felt like home. Ever since Open House Round, I knew Delta Gamma was the place for me. Since choosing DG, I have only grown more and more proud of that decision. The women of DG are family to me, and helped me grow, especially during my first year on campus. Even in these crazy times, my sisters have been an anchor. DG has left an indescribable impact on me, and I hope to give back through my position. It is an honor to serve, and I cannot wait to see what the next chapter holds for Beta Psi.

Why Delta Gamma?: During recruitment, I remember wishing I had more time at the end of each round in DG. I could see myself being best friends with the women I spoke with, and knew that I would be lucky to call them my sisters. The women of this chapter are kind, authentic, and so loving. Not a day goes by that I do not remember how blessed I am to be a part of this sisterhood.

Favorite DG memory: Spring Bid Day is hands down my favorite DG memory! It was a day filled with so much joy. I loved watching our women welcome the new members home with excitement and open arms. We LOVE our new members!

Future goals: I am majoring in Management Information Systems, and hope to be a Technology Risk Consultant. I want to use technology, specifically code and programming, to help others in the future.



Hometown: Washington D.C.

Why CMT?: Ever since I ran home on Bid Day my freshmen year, the women of Delta Gamma have been my biggest supporters, especially the members of CMT. They guided me through the college transition, empowered me to become my best self, and showed me what a genuine sisterhood looks like. This chapter has given me more than I could have ever asked for, so I want to hep create the same experience for others. I cannot wait to continue the Delta Gamma legacy and bring in more amazing women who are ready to ‘Do Good.’

Why Delta Gamma?: I really didn’t know anything about greek life before coming to UA, so recruitment was overwhelming. Despite this, walking into Delta Gamma just felt easy. About halfway through the week, my mom called me and said after researching all of the organizations, she knew I was going to be a DG. She said that she had raised me with the same values of a Delta Gamma, and was 100% sure that DG was where I was going to end up. After our conversation, I had no doubt in my mind that I was going to be a Delta Gamma.

Favorite DG memory: My favorite DG memory would have to be our Tacky-Christmas Date Party. My friends and I got matching Christmas sweaters that looked absolutely horrendous. Being able to look silly together and dance like no one was watching is something I will never forget.

Future Goals: Once I graduate, I plan to move back to Washington D.C. and work in the marketing industry.



Hometown: Erie, Pennsylvania

Why CMT?: Delta Gamma has been such a huge positive influence on my college experience so far. I wanted to take the opportunity of being a leader in this chapter to help ensure all of our members get to have the same positive experience.

Why Delta Gamma?: Joining Delta Gamma has not only helped me develop so many lifelong friendships, but it has also given me leadership opportunities and helped me find confidence in myself to do whatever I aspire to do.

Favorite DG memory: Some of my favorite DG memories have to be meeting and getting to know my sisters from all over the country!

Future goals: I hope to graduate with a red cap while majoring in Communication Studies and minoring in Sales. After graduation, I would love to move closer to home and work in a corporate sales division. I also plan on traveling and seeing as many places around the world that I can.



Hometown: Laurel, Mississippi

Why CMT?: During my freshman year, I fell in love with our philanthropy. I enjoyed spending my free time visiting the retirement homes or volunteering at the Alabama Institute for the Deaf and Blind. Watching my sisters live out our motto ‘Do Good’ by actively working in our community inspired me to be more involved and to give our chapter my best. I joined CMT to work hard for all of the service and fundraising we do, as well as use my leadership skills for the betterment of Beta Psi. I love seeing the effects of our service and the ability to personally be in touch with the community. Hearing how much it all means to them makes the hard work worth it. I also love hearing my sisters talk about service events and the meaningful connections made though our philanthropy.

Why Delta Gamma?: Throughout recruitment, Delta Gamma was the house where I truly felt seen and understood. Talking to these women came as easily as talking to my friends from back home. I could tell this sisterhood is too genuine to pass up, and I already felt like it was where I belonged.

Favorite DG memory: My favorite DG memory is meeting my little! I was her Bid Day buddy, and we instantly clicked. We bonded over our love of Disney, music, and books. She comes to all of the service events I get to plan and is a shining ray of light everywhere she goes.

Future goals: I hope to travel, write novels, and work for a nonprofit organization.