Meet our Chapter Management Team!




Hometown: San Antonio, Texas

Fun fact: I have my boating license and live on the lake!

Why CMT?: How can I accurately describe Chapter Management Team? It has given me the unique opportunity to serve the 400+ women that helped me grow into who I am today. There are countless reasons to love the members of this chapter – their enthusiasm, kindness, values, and love for doing good. I absolutely loved serving on the team last year as VP: Member Education and it is with profound gratitude that I serve as president.

Why Delta Gamma?: Reflecting on my recruitment experience brings back so many wonderful memories! I cannot help but reminisce on the first time I walked into the house. It was the last party of Open House Round Day 1 when I met the wonderful Becca Paholski. Within the fifteen minutes of the party, I could tell Becca was a woman with a heart of gold. In Sisterhood Round, I spoke to Becca and Claire Long, who are the cutest best friends, and all I wanted was to spend my every day life with these women. To this day, I aspire to be like Becca and Claire. Why Delta Gamma? For the women who will inspire you to be the best you can be and do good!

Favorite part of your position: My favorite part of this position is the relationships! I meet with our members frequently and I have the opportunity to hear about their ideas, their vision for the chapter, and their aspirations for the future. Without our members, our chapter would not be the same and I learn and grow from these relationships every day. It is my goal to make my sisters feel fully known and loved!

Favorite DG memory: I have countless wonderful DG memories, from hugging my big sister to welcoming home the new member class on bid day. However, my favorite DG memory would have to be the day that MC 21 was initiated. I’ve never felt more proud than sitting with them and taking the member class photo knowing they were officially my sisters!

Future goals: I will be graduating in three years this spring and I hope to earn my Master’s degree in Economics at the University of Alabama! After I graduate, I will be working for Ernst & Young in IT Audit. I hope to use my degree to make applications that are accessible to all as serving individuals with special needs is my passion!



Hometown: Sikeston, Missouri

Fun fact: I am on the Student Recruitment Team for the University of Alabama.

Why CMT?: As a freshman, I never dreamed that I would be on the chapter management team. Before taking on this role, I knew I wanted to give back to Beta Psi for all of the things it has given me. Running for CMT was one of the best decisions I have ever made. This chapter gave me the most amazing friendships and presented me with so many different opportunities. I love being able to lead this chapter and represent Beta Psi.

Why Delta Gamma?: During recruitment, I knew that Delta Gamma was the place for me. The sisterhood is genuine and everyone welcomed me with open arms. I knew that the love I felt in this house was real. Looking back on my decision today, I could not see myself anywhere else. Beta Psi is home for me.

Favorite part of your position: My favorite part of my position is planning all of the social events that Beta Psi has. This has allowed me to improve my time management and leadership skills.

Favorite DG memory: My favorite DG memory is when we went to the Georgia Aquarium for our bid day retreat. I met many different sisters that day that I am still very close with. It was a great opportunity as a freshman to get to know all of my sisters.

Future goals: After graduation, I plan to attend law school to become a Healthcare Attorney



Hometown: Victor, NY

Fun fact: I am on an episode of Girl Meets World.

Why CMT?: I wanted to join CMT to help move our chapter forward and give back to an organization that has given me so much. I wanted to work with a group of women toward common goals we have for the chapter.

Why Delta Gamma?: Coming from out of state, I wanted to find my home away from home. As I went through each round of recruitment, I found myself looking forward to my zoom call with the women of Delta Gamma. Even through zoom, I was able to tell the friendships they had made were genuine, and it was something that I wanted to be a part of. When I opened my email on bid day, I was so excited to see DG as my forever home. The women I now call my sisters have shaped my experience at Alabama and have supported me in every endeavor I have chosen to take part in. I know these women will be there for me after our time at the Capstone has come to an end.

Favorite part of your position: I have loved getting to meet more girls in the chapter through my position.

Favorite DG memory: My favorite DG memory is becoming a big! I met my little through recruitment and was her bid day buddy. When I met her, I immediately knew that she had to go DG and would be a lifelong friend of mine.

Future goals: I hope to graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering and a Masters of Business Administration. After my time has come to an end at the Capstone, I hope to get my Masters in Biomedical Engineering. With these degrees, I want to design medical products specifically for athletes.



Hometown: Madison, AL

Fun fact: I drove 9 hours once to go to a One Direction concert ❤

Why CMT?: Watching the two CMT teams serve before me showed me how much hard work and dedication they devoted to the chapter. They were always there when someone needed help and continued to strive for a better chapter each and every day. This made me realize that I could truly make a difference within the chapter and be a rock for any girl to rely on. The love I have for Delta Gamma and these women is like no other and I am beyond blessed to serve such amazing ladies. Knowing I could make a difference on their behalf made me fall in love with this job even more.

Why Delta Gamma?: From the moment I rushed and came home I could truly tell that these women were some of the most genuine, uplifting, kind hearted, and fun people I had ever met. They made me truly feel at home and constantly push me to be the best version of myself possible while always encouraging me along the way. Our philanthropy and sisterhood is one like no other and has opened my eyes to the true meaning of what it means to be a Delta Gamma woman and I am grateful for that every day.

Favorite part of your position: Meeting so many new people and experiencing their different personality types shine though the pictures they take and ideas they have to better the chapter!!

Favorite DG memory: I would have to say my favorite memory truly is the bid day retreat when I met some of my closest friends. We ate some delicious food, took a ton of pictures, and went down the water slide more times than I can count. It was such a fun and exciting day meeting my new sisters and feeling right at home!

Future goals: My futures goals are to graduate from The University of Alabama and continue on to law school. From there I would like to study to become a lawyer and one day own my own firm. Alongside law I would like to have my real estate license and partially work doing that. While doing these things, and after, I would love to travel to world and experience all cultures!



Hometown: Richmond, Virginia

Fun fact: I have 8 tattoos that all have a significant meaning to a specific time in my life.

Why CMT?: Delta Gamma has made a tremendous impact on my life and holds such a special place in my heart. The time I’ve spent here in Tuscaloosa has been deeply affected by DG in the best way possible. This fraternity has given me a family that has helped me grow into the person I want to continue to strive to be. When the opportunity to serve the Beta Psi chapter presented itself, I jumped at the chance to give back to something that has made me who I am today. Being able to serve these amazing women along side the rest of CMT is such an honor. I hope to give back throughout my time in my position, and inspire those who come after me.

Why Delta Gamma?: I love being asked why Delta Gamma because it all started with a girl who I like to call, my rock, my best friend, and my bonus big sister, the beautiful Lawson Colgate. Ironically, I’ve been saying “GO DG GO DG GO,” since 2018 when Lawson became a Delta Gamma woman. Going through recruitment I decided that it would be okay if I ended up going my own way, but there was something that drew me towards Delta Gamma throughout the week. It was the authenticity and a sense of home I could feel through the computer screen from everyone I spoke to that made me think “I’m supposed to be here.” I knew I had found my home away from home went I went DG because not only did I join a chapter that my best friend from home was in, but also a chapter full of women who day in and day out push me to become the best version of myself.

Favorite part of your position: My favorite part about my position would have to be that I get to help execute the majority of the events we have here in Delta Gamma. Anywhere from sisterhood events to Founder’s Day to game days and Parent’s Weekend, they all fall under me. I absolutely LOVE getting to see all of my directors’ hard work and dedication pay off.

Favorite DG memory: There are too many DG memories I have to just chose one. Anywhere from running home on bid day to many games days to sisterhood events to big/little reveal to just hanging out in the house. Honestly any time I spend with my sisters is my favorite.

Future goals: After I graduate from Alabama, I hope to attend Parker’s University and become a chiropractor. I also plan on traveling the world as much as I can.



Hometown: Boston, Massachusetts

Fun fact: I’m left handed!

Why CMT?: I am thankful each and every day for the incredible relationships I’ve made in Delta Gamma. These women continuously support and encourage me to be the best version of myself and see the potential in me even when I cannot see that growth myself. I wanted to give back to the sisterhood that has given me a multitude of blessings and I am so honored that I have the ability to do so.

Why Delta Gamma?: Each round of recruitment, Delta Gamma made me feel welcomed and celebrated. Each conversation I had was intentional and I never had to pretend to be someone I wasn’t. I felt a genuine sense of acceptance when talking with the women of Delta Gamma and I continue to feel the same almost two years later.

Favorite part of your position: Preparing and fostering an inclusive and welcoming environment for our new members! I’ve loved getting to connect with the members of Beta Psi, as well as work along side some of my very best friends on CMT!

Favorite DG memory: I have too many favorite memories to pick just one! From welcoming new members home on Bid Day, being a coach for Anchor Splash, all the way down to sitting in the dining room with my best friends every day.

Future goals: I hope to attend graduate school to become a Child Life Specialist at a pediatric hospital!



Hometown: Valparaiso, Indiana

Fun fact: I’ve been scuba diving before!

Why CMT?: The amazing friendships and memories I have made here at the University of Alabama are all thanks to Delta Gamma. Delta Gamma has changed my college experience for the better, and I wanted to be able to give back to it in a bigger way. Being able to serve this chapter the past few months has pushed me out of my comfort zone and allowed me to meet so many more people in the chapter. The opportunity to serve on CMT has already been so rewarding and I am excited to continue in this role. I can’t wait to bring home the next member class, and add to the ‘Do Good’ sisterhood!

Why Delta Gamma?: Coming from out of state I had no idea what to expect with recruitment. However, when I walked through the doors of Delta Gamma I immediately felt so welcomed. I was really hoping to find a home away from, and that is exactly what I found in Delta Gamma. Even being a junior now I still feel just as welcomed and appreciated as I did when I was a new member.

Favorite part of your position: My favorite part of my position is getting to play a role in bringing home the newest member class. I also love getting to meet so many new people during recruitment.

Favorite DG memory: It’s hard to choose just one memory. However, one of my favorite DG memories was being an Anchor Splash coach this past year. It was so fun meeting new people in the greek community, and getting closer to my DG sisters. Also, it is always a good time getting to raise money for Service for Sight.

Future Goals: After graduating, I hope to become an accountant for a professional sports team.



Hometown: Tulsa, Oklahoma

Fun fact: I’m the fourth woman in my family to be a Delta Gamma!

Why CMT?: Delta Gamma has given me so much since I’ve been at Alabama. I have truly found the best group of girls and biggest support system through this chapter. I decided to run for CMT to give back to the place that has made my college experience unforgettable. My time on CMT thus far has been so rewarding, and I am grateful for this chance to serve our chapter!

Why Delta Gamma?: All through recruitment, Delta Gamma was always a place that I could easily be myself. The girls were fun, welcoming, and enthusiastic about their sisterhood. I could tell that Delta Gamma was meant to be my home away from home, and each day the women of this chapter remind me of the genuineness and sincerity of our sisterhood. I can walk into the house at my best or at my worst, and I know that my sisters will be there for me. The environment of Delta Gamma has been nothing but positive during my college experience. This chapter has given me the opportunity to make the best memories with the best people. I am so thankful for DG and the women that I am so lucky to call not only my sisters, but also my best friends and future bridesmaids.

Favorite part of your position: As Vice President of Panhellenic I have the opportunity to meet women in other chapters and connect with new organizations all across campus. I have loved networking, making new friends outside of my own chapter, and bringing those connections back to Delta Gamma. My position also allows me to share my passion and enthusiasm for DG with others while still being extremely involved in our chapter. I love that VP: Panhellenic involves so many different aspects of DG and Alabama’s campus into one position!

Favorite DG memory: On my bid day freshmen year, I thought my day couldn’t get any better than when I saw Delta Gamma on my bid card. When my Rho Chi finally revealed that she was a DG and we would be sisters, I was so excited! All recruitment long I looked up to Alex, my Rho Chi. We got really close over the week, and I knew wanted to be just like her in 4 years. Nothing will ever beat that feeling of finding out we would be sisters. To this day, Alex is one of my best friends who I can go to with anything, and we have made some of the funniest and most meaningful memories together.

Future Goals: In the future I hope to graduate from Alabama, earn my masters in marketing, and work at an advertisement agency in social media marketing. While still in school, I plan to study abroad in Madrid and spend time traveling through Europe during my semester abroad!


Hometown: Nashville, Tennessee

Fun factI am a substitute teacher!

Why CMT?: I ran for CMT because of the impact that Delta Gamma has had on me. As a member of CMT, I wanted to be able to help other members have the same positive experience I have had as a member of this chapter. I wanted to give back to the Beta Psi chapter in the best way I could think of! Also, my grand-big and my big have both served on CMT, and I knew I wanted to follow in their footsteps. I am so grateful to have this opportunity to serve the chapter that has had such a positive impact on my college experience.

Why Delta Gamma?: During my virtual recruitment, I made my decisions on each house based on the conversations I had in each round. When I spoke to the women in Delta Gamma, I felt as though I had known them my entire life because they were so genuine and kind. When I felt like the women I talked to were already my best friends, I knew that I had found my home.

Favorite part of your position: My favorite part of being vp: Foundation is getting to see the impact my work has on the community. I have always loved helping others, and it is so rewarding to get to see the smiles that our chapter brings to the faces of those in our community. Delta Gamma’s philanthropy was one of the main reasons why I went DG. Since joining this chapter, and especially since taking on this position, my love for Service for Sight has only grown.

Favorite DG memory: My favorite DG memory has been living in the chapter house! It has been such a great opportunity and is so convenient! I have made so many friends and so many memories through my experiences living in the house!

Future Goals: After graduating, I hope to attend dental school at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, where I hope to become a pediatric dentist and fulfill my lifelong dream of working with kids!