Meet our Chapter Management Team!






Hometown: Destin, Florida

Year: Junior

Major: Nursing

Why CMT?: I ran for president because I wanted to give back to the chapter that gave me so much. Delta Gamma has given me my best friends, lifelong memories, and the freedom to grow and develop into the person I am today. I am so excited to help facilitate that experience for all members of this chapter!

Favorite part of your position: My favorite part about being president is interacting with everyone and being involved! Every day I get to make connections with new friends that help our chapter grow!

Favorite DG memory: My favorite DG memory was meeting my big, Hannah. At the beginning of my freshman year, I came to the house for lunch and sat down randomly next to her. We started talking and realized we were super similar! I asked her to be my big and we have been inseparable ever since!

Favorite DG event: My favorite DG event is Sisters for Soldiers. Growing up a military kid, I really connected with the military aspect of Delta Gamma’s philanthropy. I love getting together with my sisters, making cards, and gathering items to send to our troops. It is so easy to see the heart our chapter has for our philanthropy!

Future goals: Once I graduate, I want to work for a few years in Boston and then go back to school to become a CRNA! I definitely have plans to be an advisor too!




Hometown: Greenwich, Connecticut

Year: Junior

Major: Accounting

Why CMT?: After having the opportunity to serve on Honor Board last year, I knew I wanted to lead in an even greater way and continue to give back to the chapter that has already given me so much.

Favorite part of your position: Helping members through times of trouble and watching them grow!

Favorite DG memory: Going to regional training and getting to meet all of the other CMT members in Region 3!

Favorite DG event: I love getting to celebrate Delta Gamma on Founder’s Day! It is a great time to meet the amazing Beta Psi alumnae as well as other women who are leading the fraternity.

Future goals: I hope to receive a Masters in Accounting and go on to work for a public accounting firm in New York City.




Hometown: Carpentersville, Illinois

Year: Junior

Major: Criminal Justice

Why CMT?: I wanted to become a vice president to get more involved in our amazing chapter and get to know more of our members. I believe we all have a responsibility to leave a place better than we found it and that is my biggest goal and reason for serving on CMT.

Favorite part of your position: I love getting to work with my team to enact positive changes within the chapter. It is also great to make the goals and dreams of all the directors and CMT members a reality while staying within our budget!

Favorite DG memory: My favorite memories have been taking road trips with my sisters! In January, CMT traveled to Athens, Georgia for Regional Training. I don’t think I have laughed so hard or cried so much. I had the best conversations with the other CMT members during the car ride. Definitely one for the books!

Favorite DG event: My favorite Delta Gamma event has to be Parent’s Weekend. Not only do I get to hang out with my parents for a weekend, but I love introducing them to all of my friends and members of our chapter. They really get a glimpse of our amazing sisterhood!

Future goals: I hope to get my Masters in Criminology with a concentration in Cyber Security and work for an international company, so I can travel often!




Hometown: Midlothian, Virginia

Year: Sophomore

Major: Public Relations

Why CMT?: I wanted to be on CMT to help the women of Beta Psi become the best versions of themselves and help contribute to the success of our chapter! Delta Gamma has given me so much and I wanted the opportunity to give back to my chapter and sisters. I hope to leave an amazing legacy on our chapter like the inspiring women before me have.

Favorite part of your position: Delta Gamma’s are incredible and the world deserves to see it! I love being able to showcase the impressive accomplishments of our sisters and all the good they are up to across multiple platforms, including banners on the Beta Psi house.

Favorite DG memory: Work week and recruitment were the best two weeks with my sisters. I met so many new girls, including my best friends, and got to bond with them over how great our chapter really is. I enjoyed seeing all of our hard work pay off during recruitment when we had the chance to show all of the PNM’s our love for each other and Delta Gamma, and especially getting to share that love with our new members on Bid Day!

Favorite DG event: Anchor Splash allows Delta Gamma’s to make memories with our sisters and get to know members of other organizations on campus, all while raising money for our philanthropy, Service for Sight! It’s a forever favorite that I always look forward to.

Future goals: I hope to live in New York City when I graduate and pursue a career in corporate public relations!




Hometown: Centennial, Colorado

Year: Junior

Major: Business Management, Human Resources, and Sales

Why CMT?: I had always looked up to the members of CMT as a freshman and sophomore. The women on CMT inspired me to be better and gave me courage to take chances that I never would have considered before. I wanted to emulate the feeling that they gave me for not only the incoming freshman, but also the rest of the women in our chapter.

Favorite part of your position: Planning parent’s weekend gave me the opportunity to show all the parents how amazing their daughters have been throughout the year. I got to share our sisters involvement in the community, achievements in school, accomplishments in the real world, and their passion for “doing good” with all of their parents!

Favorite DG memory: Singing during the last preference round of recruitment my sophomore year! I started to sing while looking at the senior women that I had grown so close to over my freshman year. And as they all began to cry, because it was their last recruitment, and I got choked up as well realizing how much they meant to me. Although this sounds sad, they all ran and hugged me when I finished, and at this moment I realized that they would still be with me long after they graduated.

Favorite DG event: Chapter retreat! It allows all 423 women to get together and bond. Last year we went to Birmingham, stayed the night in a hotel, and went to the zoo. This year, I get to plan it, and I am incredibly excited about the surprise for the fall!

Future goals: I plan to go into sales upon graduation. I have an internship for the upcoming summer and I will work my way up with the company to become a Chief Revenue Officer.




Hometown: St. Louis, Missouri

Year: Sophomore

Major: Political Science

Why CMT?: To give back to the chapter that has given me so much and to help the incoming freshmen as they begin their time at the University!

Favorite part of your position: Bid Day!

Favorite DG memory: Living in the house with my best friends during work week and recruitment!

Favorite DG event: The sisterhood date party!

Future goals: I plan to attend law school then have a career as an attorney or in government/politics.




Hometown: Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Year: Junior

Major: Accounting & Public Relations

Why CMT?When choosing to run for a position on CMT I really wanted to find a way to serve the chapter to the best of my abilities. Being vp: membership means that I play one of the biggest roles in appointing the women who will continue the Delta Gamma legacy here at UA. To hold a position that encourages the women I’ve grown to love feel encouraged, understood, and prepared is an incredible honor for me.

Favorite part of your position: My favorite part about vp: membership is the ability to positively impact the way my sisters and others view recruitment and membership as a whole.

Favorite DG memory: My favorite DG memory is watching movies with my big, Angela. We always watch Hallmark movies at the house with popcorn and hot chocolate. Sometimes our best friends, Maddie and Ashley, join us too. We always have the best time staying up late and laughing.

Favorite DG event: My favorite DG event is Sisters for Soldiers. We all get together and make cards and care packages for soldiers overseas. Being able to write words of appreciation and thanks to those who are serving our country while also being with my sisters is such a blessing.

Future Goals: This year on CMT I want to feel confident and respected by my chapter. I want to use patience, understanding and fairness in everything I do regarding Delta Gamma and recruitment. I will feel successful in my impact and recruitment when I see the new member class of 2020 Do Good long after they are initiated members.




Hometown: Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Year: Sophomore

Major: Communicative Sciences & Disorders

Why CMT?: I wanted to be on CMT to further my involvement in the chapter. I knew I wanted to run for vp: Panhellenic after freshman year Greek Week because I saw how much fun all of our sisters had and the amazing job our former CMT did.

Favorite part of your position: Representing my sisters within the Panhellenic community and getting to work and collaborate with women from every chapter on campus!

Favorite DG memory: Coaching Anchor Splash this past year with my big and my little is my favorite DG memory! It was so fun to bond with my sisters while also raising money for our philanthropy and collaborating with other members of the greek community!

Favorite DG event: Greek Week!

Future goals: I hope to obtain my Master’s Degree in Speech Pathology and work to help children that have speech impairments.




Hometown: Roswell, Georgia

Year: Sophomore

Major: Communicative Sciences & Disorders

Why CMT?: I joined CMT because I wanted to give back to the chapter where I have found my best friends and true sisters. I want to make Beta Psi the best it can be!

Favorite part of your position: My favorite part of my position is stepping back and seeing the lasting impact our chapter is making in the lives of others. Whether it be in a retirement home, with the visually impaired children or through pictures that we receive from troops overseas.

Favorite DG memory: My favorite memories happen in the house every day. My roommate and I are always finding something to laugh about. Between my roommate and my littles, I have made so many lasting memories in room 317!

Favorite DG event: My favorite Delta Gamma events are probably our two biggest fundraisers: Anchor Splash and Milk and Cookies. These events bring our chapter together to raise money for our foundation and The Alabama Institute for the Deaf and Blind as well as awareness about the visually impaired.

Future goals: My future goals are to create new service opportunities that benefit our campus and our troops overseas. These service events will be comprised of aiding the people of our community, creating crafts, and care packages for the organizations we support and supporting those in need within our chapter and Tuscaloosa.