Meet our Chapter Management Team!


CMT Headshot - Shaina Tolan

Hometown: McHenry, IL

Fun fact: I have played lacrosse since I was 6!

Why CMT?: I chose to be on CMT because of the girls in this chapter and the values we stand for. CMT allows me to be a mentor and an influence in my chapter by leading by example. My experiences and who I have become allow me to be able to handle pressured situations and to learn from lessons and turn them into successes. This chapter has provided me with more valuable lessons and people than I could ever imagine, and I will always be thankful for everything.

Why Delta Gamma?: Delta Gamma holds values that create independent and strong women. They create an atmosphere that inspires and creates success while allowing the ability to make mistakes and learn from them. Delta Gamma is more than just 4 years; it’s for life.

Favorite part of your position: Connecting with people within my sorority and outside of my sorority. I like being able to socialize and connect with people on more than just a surface level.

Favorite DG memory: Anytime I can look around the room and be thankful for the women who surround me and constantly inspire me is my favorite DG memory!

Future goals: I want to attend MBA school here at the University of Alabama and then attend medical school. I want to open my own practice one day where I can both do research and practice medicine.


IMG_3777 - Beta Psi Social Standards

Hometown: Dothan, AL

Fun fact: I like cats more than dogs

Why CMT?: I decided to run for my CMT position because I wanted to give back to the chapter that has given so much to me. Delta Gamma has given me my best friends, leadership opportunities, and multiple resources to help me be successful on campus. I am so excited to now have the opportunity to continue the success of Beta Psi.

Why Delta Gamma?: Coming to Alabama, I wanted to surround myself with genuine girls that would push me to do better. Throughout recruitment, I could see how amazing Delta Gamma’s sisterhood was, and I knew it was the place I belonged. Not only did the women of Delta Gamma welcome me with open arms, but they quickly became my home away from home. Looking back on my decision, I could not imagine myself anywhere else.

Favorite part of your position: I love how impactful my position allows me to be! Not only do I get to plan all of the fun social events that Delta Gamma has, but I can work with Honor Board to support the members of our chapter!

Favorite DG memory: My favorite DG memory is recreating bid day for my member class since we did not have the traditional experience our freshman year. I was able to run home with all of my best friends and hug my big!

Future goals: After graduation, I want to attend law school at the University of Alabama and become a criminal prosecutor!


cmt pic - Beta Psi Finance

Hometown: Spanish Fort, AL

Fun fact: I speak Korean!

Why CMT?: Delta Gamma has given me so much the last two years I’ve been here. I have made friends and memories that I will never forget. The people I have met through Delta Gamma have supported me through the lowest and highest times in my life, so I knew that I wanted to give back to the chapter. I’ve always admired the past girls in their CMT positions and all they put into the chapter, and I wanted to do the same!

Why Delta Gamma?: I chose Delta Gamma because of the people. Everyone I talked to during recruitment was genuine and easy to talk to. I remember leaving my conversations and thinking, “Wow, I could talk to her forever”. One of the girls that made me want to go DG is even my big! Through DG, I continue to meet uplifting women who strive for me to be the best version of myself and have met people who I know will be my friends for life.

Favorite part of your position: My favorite part of the position is that I get to work with different aspects of DG. I get to work with not only the finances of DG but also food, t-shirts, and the house!

Favorite DG memory: My favorite DG memory is hanging out with my friends in the DG house. I met my friends by coming to the house my freshman year, and throughout my sophomore year, I would hang out in their rooms. From late-night study sessions to movie nights in the house, some of my favorite memories were from spending quality time with my friends.

Future goals: My future goals are to further my education by going to graduate school and one day be a forensic psychologist!


Image (19) - vp_ communications

Hometown: Dallas, TX

Fun fact:  I’ve broken my nose 4 times

Why CMT?: I wanted to join CMT because I love DG and always wanted to be in a position where I could give back to my chapter and hopefully give girls the positive experience that I have had.

Why Delta Gamma?: When going through recruitment, there was no doubt when I chose DG. The women I met were exciting, and I knew I was wanted here as much as I wanted them. I knew that when I joined, I would be able to find girls who want the best for me and will help me grow in my 4 years here.

Favorite part of your position: I love the creative aspects of my position. I have always loved social media and content creation, so it is awesome that I now use that passion to show off my chapter!

Favorite DG memory: My favorite DG memory is freshman year when one and a couple other new members didn’t know what to do on our first gameday, we were standing outside the house, and a bunch of senior DGs drove by and told us to get in the car and come hang out with them. To this day, it is one of the best gamedays I’ve had, and we are close friends with those seniors still even though they have gone and graduated.

Future goals: In the future, I plan on attending grad school for architecture and then moving back to Texas to pursue a career in commercial architecture and design.


677DF3A4-CFA6-4F9D-AFE1-0505FB7E2D3B - vp programming

Hometown: Long Island, New York

Fun fact:  I was a competitive dancer for 16 years

Why CMT?: I believe that this chapter has given me many amazing things between friendships that I will have for life and memories I will forever hold close to my heart. Being on CMT is another milestone I am so grateful to have been given in this chapter. I cannot wait to hopefully give girls in every MC the memories and opportunities I cherish every day.

Why Delta Gamma?: Every time I talked to the girls of DG during recruitment, the girls felt like home. I never felt like I had to change my answers or act a certain way for the girls to like me. It felt genuine and safe.

Favorite part of your position: I love being able to be connected with everyone! Being able to work with both active members within the chapter along with our amazing alumnae has been a huge honor!

Favorite DG memory: I would say that my favorite DG memory was Big/Little. As someone that had a hard transition into college life, having someone like my big, Bella Pasha, that was always there to support, motivate and help me strive in everyday life, was something I will never forget and be grateful for forever. That said, when it came time for me to become a big, I wanted to be the same for someone else. My little Lindsey is one of my best friends, and I could not be happier that she is my little. My DG family are people that I will have in my life forever, and I don’t know how I lived a life before them.

Future goals: In the future, I hope to have a job within the realm of behavioral analysis within a hospital, but most of all I hope to be successful, happy, healthy and surrounded by love


IMG_7595 - Beta Psi Member Education (3)

Hometown: Naples, Florida

Fun fact: I have my own photography business!

Why CMT?: As someone who struggled with their transition into greek life, getting involved in DG changed everything for me. After I served as a Director on JCMT, I knew wanted to do more for our chapter. I decided to run for VP Member Education to give back to the organization that has given me so much and help lead the ladies of Beta Psi to be the best version of themselves. During my new member period, having somebody in this position who was able to give me the extra push was so vital to how my future played out. I am so thankful to have the opportunity to be the extra push some may need. Being a leader in this chapter is so rewarding, and I can not wait to spend the next year serving Beta Psi.

Why Delta Gamma?: During recruitment, every time I walked through the doors of Delta Gamma, I felt celebrated. Every conversation I had felt so natural and genuine. It was so incredibly easy to be myself throughout every moment I spent at DG during rush week. I moved to Alabama from Florida, knowing very few people, I was scared and searching for my home away from home. When I met my now Big during the sisterhood round, I had a gut feeling DG was exactly where I was supposed to be. From the moment I ran home I have felt an unconditional amount of love from my sisters. Even on my hardest days, when I did not know what I was doing or where I belonged, the woman of Beta Psi held my hand through it all. As time passes, my love for this sisterhood grows more and more each day.

Favorite part of your position: There is so much to love about this position. Having the opportunity to be the one who is a mentor to new members and gets to guide them throughout their new member experience is so special. Preparing an environment that is safe, exciting, and encouraging for all members of this chapter is a blessing. I also get to serve on CMT with my best friends and that to me is one of the coolest things in the world. ring and foster an inclusive and welcoming environment for our new members! I’ve loved getting to connect with the members of Beta Psi, as well as work along side some of my very best friends on CMT!

Favorite DG memory: Choosing my favorite memory seems almost impossible. From running home to my Big Chloe, Sitting in the dining room laughing a little too loud with my best friends everyday, welcoming home MC22, getting my perfect Little Katie, and coaching anchor games, all the way to the night I got elected for this position. Each moment I spend in this chapter is a memory I never want to forget.

Future goals: I live every day like it is my last. My future goals can change on a daily basis. I plan to graduate from Alabama and move to a big city where I can hopefully obtain a job as a Pharmaceutical Sales Representative. From there? Now who knows! I am taking it one day at a time!


CMTPic - DG Director of Recruitment

Hometown: Tuscaloosa, AL

Fun fact: I was almost related to Dolly Parton!

Why CMT?: I’ve seen many of my friends serve on past CMTs and having worked as a director on the recruitment team the past two years, I saw the role of leadership and how it can help you grow as a person. I wanted to be able to serve my chapter and to contribute something I can be proud of to Delta Gamma. I have worked on the recruitment team for the last two years, and there was nothing I wanted more than to be on CMT to be able to lead the next sorority recruitment for the Beta Psi chapter of Delta Gamma.

Why Delta Gamma?: My mother was a Delta Gamma at Mississippi State University, so I already was excited to visit Delta Gamma during recruitment to see if my mother and I could potentially become sorority sisters. When I met my grandbig, Amber, I knew that I was meant to run home to Delta Gamma. She rushed me and prefed me, and I knew that day that I wanted to be sorority sisters with Amber and my mother.

Favorite part of your position: My favorite part of my position is getting to work closely with my recruitment team and advisors and establish friendships with them!

Favorite DG memory: I think picking one favorite Delta Gamma memory is literally impossible! I would say Big Little when I got my big, Kathryn, and my little, Kat, were some of my favorite memories.

Future Goals: My future goals are to recruit the most amazing new women of MC’23, graduate with my Bachelor’s Degree from The University of Alabama, and then continue my education and obtain a Master’s Degree in Speech Pathology.


1C99EED7-519B-4BE6-85F2-5FF234753B93 - VP Panhellenic

Hometown: Boston, MA

Fun fact: I have never broken a bone

Why CMT?: This amazing opportunity presented itself, and I couldn’t turn it down. Leading a chapter of 400+ amazing is a once of a lifetime opportunity, and I couldn’t pass it up. this chapter has given me so much, and I just want to give back to it!

Why Delta Gamma?: During recruitment, I went in knowing nothing about sororities. After the sisterhood round, I knew delta gamma was where I wanted to be on this day. I saw the realness in the sisterhood and knew this was where I was meant to be.

Favorite part of your position: Being able to make connections through the greek community while continuing the connection I get to make in delta gamma

Favorite DG memory: Anchor games competition 2022!

Future Goals: In the future, I hope to become an ER trauma nurse at MGH.


C981885E-9937-48E3-8EA5-645E71B7629D - Camryn Rush

Hometown: Grove City, Ohio

Fun fact: I love murder mysteries and scary movies! 

Why CMT?: I have worked on the Foundation Team since my freshman year and have loved it! Serving on CMT has allowed me to get more involved and give back to the chapter.

Why Delta Gamma?: The genuine sisterhood has made Delta Gamma the perfect fit for me! I have made so many supportive friendships.

Favorite part of your position: I love interacting with the community. Volunteering at AIDB and the retirement homes has been so much fun!

Favorite DG memory: Living in the house with one of my best friends!

Future Goals: After I graduate, I want to go to medical school with goal of becoming a pediatrician.