Our Philanthropy and What We Stand For

By Hannah Brock, Director of Public Relations

As members of Delta Gamma, we promote Service for Sight along with the rest of our Fraternity as a whole to ensure the future of our sisterhood and create a lasting impact for the foundation, one that will last much longer than us. Our dedicated members and friends come together and make it possible through philanthropy and service.

Service for Sight supports schools founded by Delta Gamma chapters and other organizations that assist and advocate for those in the blind community. This philanthropy has been our focus since 1936 when two women who were blind, Ruth Billow and Eta-Akron, petitioned to create “Aid to the Blind” as our official philanthropy. Last year alone, Delta Gamma raised $824,491 for Service for Sight.

As a Beta Psi Chapter, we also support The Alabama Institute for the Deaf and Blind. Sisters in the Fraternity will travel to locations to support and be in community with those who are deaf or blind! We spend time with them, do arts and crafts, and provide boxed meals from the DG house for them. The Beta Psi chapter hosts sign language classes to provide opportunities to connect on a new level!

Sisters for Soldiers is an organization we also support. Once a month, we send care packages to troops overseas that are full of items sisters purchased that are everyday necessities. We do our best to find connections from family or friends within the DG house to make each care package more personal.

Our philanthropy is very important to us, and we do our best to support each organization to the best of our ability, striving to make a difference in our community locally and globally!

Starting the new school year off right

By Hannah Brock, Director of Public Relations

As classes are starting to ramp up in the new year, time can fly! The question is, how do we start the new year off right? As most know, people like to pick resolutions to have a great start to the new year! Some like to exercise more, eat healthier or be a nicer person. Each of those resolutions will transform your life differently if you stick to it!

Caitlin Howell has been a Delta Gamma for three years now. She is involved in Bama Catholic and holds the title of Member at Large for honor board for the Sorority. Her new year’s resolution, quoted by Caitlin, is “to be intentional about my time! Everyone within DG has very busy schedules, myself included, and so I wanted to make sure to find specific time to set aside to be at the house spending time with my sisters!”

Intentionality is so important, and a great resolution! The best way to start the year off right in DG is to be intentional with the sisters in the house that will create lifelong friendships with girls that come to school from all over the country!

Over winter break, our sisters were busy traveling, playing in the snow and spending quality time with their families!

Convention Recap

By Sydney Bonner, Outgoing Chapter President

Hi all!

My name is Sydney Bonner, and I serve as the outgoing Beta Psi chapter president. When I reflect on my time as president, I believe one of the most impactful experiences in my term was attending Convention.

Convention is a special time when Delta Gamma members of all ages from across the world come together to celebrate our sisterhood, elect new leaders, and create a vision for the future of our beloved Fraternity. This was the 150th year of Delta Gamma, which we celebrated through rituals and sisterhood events.

Additionally, an aspect of Convention includes awards for collegiate and alumnae chapters. I am excited to say that the Beta Psi chapter’s hard work was recognized with several awards, including Outstanding Collegiate Chapter Runner-Up, Top Fundraising Chapter, and Top 3 Most Service Hours per Member. For Beta Psi, our motto, “Do Good,” is a way of life.

During the Convention, we formally elect our next leaders of the Fraternity Council and amend our Fraternity Constitution which guides the core of membership. Our incoming House Corporation president, Susan Kinney, is completing her term as Fraternity Treasurer. We are thankful to her service to the Fraternity for many years and for being a role model of servant leadership. I had the opportunity to meet our incoming Council members and I was inspired by their kindness and vision. Thank you to Dr. Amy Ayres, Joanna Shook, Vanessa Milara, Molly Peirano, Stephanie Brown, and Corey Bennett Williams. We look forward to seeing how you lead Delta Gamma fearlessly into the next 150 years.

I was lucky enough to speak on behalf of a group of collegiate chapter presidents about an amendment near and dear to my heart as a woman who is passionate about advocacy for the neurodivergent community. An amendment was recommended to allow collegiate students who are completing a certificate program to be given a bid when the language was formerly a collegiate student working towards a four year degree. This was a goal of my presidency due to a strong program on the University of Alabama campus called CrossingPoints for neurodivergent students. With the help of advisors and the presidents of Delta Sigma- Auburn, Delta Iota- Georgia, Alpha Psi- Mississippi, and Epsilon Kappa- Clemson, we wrote a speech regarding the importance of inclusivity. I can remember like it was yesterday the moment that this amendment passed… I have never been more proud to be a Delta Gamma.

I am so thankful to my chapter for trusting me with the honor of representing at the Convention; it is an experience I will never forget. I sit here unable to comprehend that my presidential term ends in one week. To Beta Psi – you have impacted my life forever. There is a museum in my heart, and it is filled with pictures of you.

Anchor Games

By Anna Rzepkowski, Director of Public Relations

During the first week of October, Delta Gamma Beta Psi held its first annual Anchor Games, formerly known as Anchor Splash.

Anchor Games is a philanthropy event where DG partners with fraternities on campus for a series of competitions over the course of a week. This year, fraternities competed in a serenade competition at the DG mansion, a banner competition, a basketball tournament, a volleyball tournament, a dance competition and the Anchor Champion competition.

These competitions were a great opportunity to engage the whole Greek community on the UA campus in our mission to Do Good for amazing philanthropy, Service for Sight!

The winners of these competitions are as follows:


  1.  Chi Phi
  2.  Beta Theta Pi
  3. Lambda Chi Alpha


  1. Delta Tau Delta
  2. Tau Kappa Epsilon
  3. Phi Kappa Psi


Sigma Chi


Delta Tau Delta


  1. Theta Chi
  2. Kappa Sigma
  3. Phi Kappa Psi

Anchor Champion:

  1. Lambda Chi Alpha
  2. Phi Sigma Kappa
  3. Theta Chi


  1. Beta Theta Pi
  2. Phi Sigma Kappa
  3. Delta Sigma Phi

Overall Champions:

  1. Beta Theta Pi
  2. Delta Tau Delta
  3. Theta Chi

Congratulations to the team and coaches for our overall winner: Beta Theta Pi!

We are also so proud and excited to announce that we broke Beta Psi fundraising record by raising $33,364.28 for Service for Sight! Thank you to our teams, coaches, Foundation team and everyone who attended these events for making Anchor Games such a success.

MC ’22 Initiation

By Anna Rzepkowski, Director of Public Relations

After an eight week new member process, our MC ‘22 new members are officially our sisters! 

On Friday, October 14, new members and their bigs attended Beta Psi’s Inspiration ceremony to get inspired and ready to officially join our sisterhood.

 New members donned white dresses and met their bigs at the DG Mansion for Initiation on Saturday morning. On October 15, 134 women became members of the Beta Psi chapter of the Delta Gamma Fraternity. We could not be more proud to share our letters and our lives with them from here forward. 

From recruitment, to bid day, Big/Little and Initiation, it has been a joy to watch MC ‘22 grow into true embodiments of Delta Gamma women. MC ‘22 also represents DG across campus in organizations such as FYC, Honors College, STEM to MBA, UA Fellows and many more.

Congratulations to MC ‘22 on all of your hard work, we are so proud of you!

Welcome Back and Welcome Home

By Anna Rzepkowski, Director of Public Relations

After a long and exciting summer full of trips, internships, conferences and much more, we are excited to start off another great semester in Delta Gamma!

Some members of our Chapter Management Team attended the biennial Delta Gamma Convention over the summer. Throughout this experience, they met alumni and sisters from chapters across the country and voted on amendments to our constitution. Additionally, Beta Psi was recognized for our philanthropic efforts over the past year. 

Starting on July 27, 59 of our members moved into the DG mansion where they will spend the year living with their sisters and enjoying some new renovations.

 We then officially kicked off Delta Gamma’s 2022 Work Week to prepare for Primary Recruitment! The week consisted of fun themes like Candy Land, Hometowns, and Roll DG, and surprise treats like Baked Bear, Bomb Pops and cotton candy.

Open house round of Primary Recruitment was virtual this year, so Potential New Members watched our open house video to get a small glimpse into what makes Delta Gamma sisterhood unique. On August 7, we welcomed PNMs into the DG mansion to learn about our philanthropy, Service for Sight, the many available opportunities to get involved and how we strive to Do Good every day. Then, our active members got to share their favorite aspects of Delta Gamma sisterhood with PNMs during sisterhood round beginning on August 10. Finally, after preference round, the final round of Primary Recruitment, it was time for Bid Day!

On August 14, active members dressed in pink and blue stood outside the DG mansion holding golden anchors and waiting for MC ‘22 to run home. We are all so excited to welcome home the 131 women who ran to Delta Gamma to be part of MC ‘22! After some photos and a meal, new members packed for that evening’s Bid Day Retreat, a silent disco at NorthRiver Yacht Club. New members had a lake day to bond with their new sisters, attended the annual Bid Day celebration at Bear Trap and made Swag T-shirts to wear on the first day of classes over the few days before classes started.

It was so great to welcome all of our members back to Tuscaloosa for the first day of classes on August 17. The year started off strong with a banner to take photos with, Krispy Kreme Donuts and Celsius drinks thanks to our programming team. Welcome back everyone and welcome home MC ‘22, we can’t wait to see what this semester in Delta Gamma will bring!

Spring 2022 Graduation

By Anna Rzepkowski, Director of Public Relations 

This weekend, The University of Alabama held its Spring 2022 Graduation Ceremonies! Many of our members in MC ‘18 graduated along with members in other MC’s who graduated early. 

We are so thankful to be able to call the women who graduated our sisters, and we are grateful for the impact they have made on our sisterhood. 

To our newly-graduated members, thank you for choosing Delta Gamma as your home and for continuing to choose our sisterhood every day. Thank you for Doing Good in our community and for the good that you will continue to do in the world. We hope you continue to guide yourself by the principles instilled in you by your membership in our chapter and live your lives as Article II women. We love you always, and thank you for being our sisters. We are so proud of you and can’t wait to see what you do next, but remember that you always have a home in Delta Gamma Beta Psi. 

To our active members: thank you all for such an amazing semester! We are so proud of all that you have accomplished and for all of the good that you have done. We are so excited to see you again in the fall and to meet our new sisters in MC ‘22! Have a great summer and Roll Tide!

Dead Week

By Anna Rzepkowski, Director of Public Relations

It’s that time again, happy Dead Week! At the University of Alabama, Dead Week is the week before finals dedicated to studying and wrapping up the semester. 

This week, take some time to study so you can finish up the semester strong! Some great local study spots include Gorgas Library, Rodgers Library, Starbucks, Heritage House Coffee, JustLove Coffee, UPerk, Monarch Espresso, and of course, the Delta Gamma Mansion! Invite a sister to study over coffee or take some time to decompress from the stress of finals.

Also, with this great spring weather on campus, taking a walk or just spending time outside getting some fresh air is a great way to combat stress. Other strategies include exercising, getting plenty of sleep, eating healthy foods, and maintaining a schedule!

Our programming team has been working super hard on some Dead Week surprises, so look forward to that to brighten up your days! 

As we start closing up the semester, we hope you have had a great semester in DG and we already know we will miss you this summer and we will especially miss our spring ‘22 grads, so take some time this week to spend time with a sister who you will miss over the summer and have a great week!

A Weekend in DG

By Anna Rzepkowski, Director of Public Relations

This weekend was packed with fun in Delta Gamma! 

On Thursday, April 7, we had a Country vs Country Club themed date party at Twelve 25. We hope you had a great time getting dressed up and hanging out with your dates and sisters!

On Friday, the University of Alabama’s annual Honors day took place. On this day, our sisters across colleges were recognized for their academic achievement and dedication, and we are so proud of the hard work they put in all year. Sisters who were recognized include Madison Natemeier who received the Grantland and Rice Scholarship and Award recognizing the Outstanding Biology Senior in the field of Microbiology for the College of Arts and Sciences and Alyssa Killinger who received the James (Bo) Robertson Outstanding Undergraduate award for the Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice. Sisters were also accepted into various honor societies such as Mary Elizabeth Vincent, who was accepted into Rho Lambda, the National Sorority Leadership Recognition Society at UA.

On Saturday, DG hosted its annual chapter retreat. Sisters traveled to Columbus, GA, to zipline and ride bikes. The chapter retreat is a great opportunity to bond with sisters and create lasting memories before the semester ends. 

On Sunday, we had a DG’s Most Wanted themed Recruitment Preparation Workshop. We had a great time having dance parties and getting ready for MC ‘22 and we are so excited for Primary Recruitment!

Overall, we hope you had a great weekend and finish out this semester strong!

Parents Weekend

By Anna Rzepkowski, Director of Public Relations

This weekend was Parents Weekend for Beta Psi! On Saturday, we hosted two events for sisters to spend time with their parents and for parents to get to know each other. On Sunday, we held a brunch and house tours at the DG mansion. Between taking parents around to see campus, attending these events, showing them Tuscaloosa, and more, we hope our members had a great time with their parents and enjoyed the weekend!

To the parents and relatives who came to celebrate parents weekend with us, thank you for coming, and thank you for being a part of the women of Beta Psi’s lives. We love them and we are so proud of who you raised them to be, so thank you. We hope you enjoyed this weekend as much as we did.

Finally, thank you to our programming team who organized this weekend, we appreciate all of your hard work. This was a great parents weekend and we hope to see you again next year!