Spring Initiation

By Anna Rzepkowski, Director of Public Relations

After a 7 week new member process, our spring new members are officially members of Delta Gamma! After inspiration this Friday, they were ready to be initiated and we are so excited to officially welcome them as sisters. Congratulations to MC ‘21 on all of your hard work, we are so proud of you!

Also this week, we held our annual Slices for Sight Fundraiser! For this event, sisters sold wristbands to their friends and community members to come to the DG Mansion and enjoy slices of pizza, outdoor games, and a good time together. Through this event, we raised $5,136 for our philanthropy, Service for Sight! Thank you to everyone who came to support us, we appreciate your contributions to such a worthy cause. 

Spring Break Recap

By Anna Rzepkowski, Director of Public Relations

This week was the University of Alabama’s Spring Break. Taking time to decompress, sisters went home, to the beach, to theme parks, and more! St. Patrick’s Day also fell during Spring Break so sisters were able to celebrate by wearing green and attending parades in cities with famous St. Patrick’s Day celebrations, like Chicago, Illinois and Savannah, Georgia. We hope you had fun wherever you went and we are so excited to see you again!

International Women’s Day

By Anna Rzepkowski, Director of Public Relations

On March 8th, 2022, we celebrated International Women’s Day, a day to celebrate the important women in our lives and the impacts they have had.

 On this day, we remember our founders, women whose legacy of friendship lives on today in our fraternity. We also reflect on the empowering women in our own lives who impact who we are. We also think of our Beta Psi, a group of encouraging, inspiring, kind, intelligent women to be proud of and aspire to be like. As we carry on the Delta Gamma legacy along with so many incredibly accomplished women, we celebrate all of the women who support and inspire us along the way. 

As you go about your day, think of all of the women in your life who support you, and maybe even reach out to them to thank them for being who they are and for the impact they have had on your life.

Founders Day

By Anna Rzepkowski, Director of Public Relations

On March 6th, 2022, Beta Psi celebrated Founders Day, an annual celebration where the chapter meets with alumnae to celebrate our founders, discuss the state of our chapter, recognize our sisters with awards, and engage in ceremony. This year, we also had the pleasure of listening to Beth Springer, our guest speaker, about the impact that Delta Gamma had on her life. 

Award recipients are as follows:

Anna Boyd Ellington Award– Presented to the chapter member who best exemplifies the ideals of

friendship. This member respects every member of the chapter and appreciates their differences.

Kayla Roberson

Eva Webb Dodd Award– Presented to the chapter member who best exemplifies the quality of loyalty. She is always willing to aid her sisters in any way required.

Blythe Foster

Mary Comfort Leonard Award– Presented to the chapter member who best exemplifies the quality of honor. This member strives to promote honesty in herself and among her sisters.

Lauren Lambert

Anchor Award– Presented to the new member that shows the most dedication to her chapter and upholds the ideals of Delta Gamma.

Veronica Szuma

Captain Award– Presented to the chapter member who shows the most dedication to her position as a director. This person understands her leadership role and works her hardest to ensure everything and everyone is taken care of.

Jordan Kramer

First Mate Award– Presented to the chapter member who displays excellence in her work within her committee.

Aspen Wilhelm

Betty Jones Bentley Award– Presented to the chapter member who always demonstrates the highest ideals of friendship.

Addie Ziegler

Dr. Judy Bonner Award– Presented to the chapter member that best exemplifies Delta Gamma. This person lives by article two.

Lawson Colgate

Appie Millsaps Award– Presented to the chapter member who shows hard-work and dedication to the chapter day in and day out. This member is always available to help a fellow sister.

Ann Margaret Christopher

Susan Kinney Award– Presented to a chapter member who has exhibited initiative, drive, and ambition. This girl works hard in Delta Gamma as well as in the community.

Taryn Geiger

Lauranne Krudop Riley Award– This is a new award this year, and it is presented to the chapter member that exemplifies leadership qualities both in the chapter and in campus activities. This girl also pushes her sisters to achieve their goals in the chapter, in campus activities, and in scholarship.

Elise Randolph

Additionally, the following alumnae were recognized for over 50 years of membership: 

Jan Ellison (61 years)

Betty Moon (59 years)

Mickie Keith (55 years)

Mary Sue Cain (54 years)

Millie Chastain (54 years)

Patsy Martens (52 years)

Debbie Campbell (51 years)

Donna Jackson, the current House Corporation president, reached 50 years of membership this year, so congratulations to her as well. 

We also recognized the House Corporation Board Members who are as follows:

President: Donna Jackson

Vice President: Amy Davis 

Treasurer: Cassie Snodgrass

Secretary: Millie Chastain

Directors at Large: Merrell Rogers 

Employment Committee Chair: Rita DiBella

Thank you to all of the Alumnae, Advisors, and members who make Delta Gamma the incredible sisterhood that it is. We are all thankful for what this organization has given us and we are committed to not only doing good every day, but doing better than we did yesterday. Here’s to 149 years of the Delta Gamma Fraternity, and many more!


By Anna Rzepkowski, Director of Public Relations

Leadership is one of the most valuable facets of character. Whether it be seeking leadership opportunities in organizations you are a part of or leading your peers by example, the ability to be an effective leader is important. 

Leadership does not look the same for everyone and there are many different, yet successful, leadership styles that are commonly utilized such as delegative, authoritarian, or participative. In most careers, you will have to lead in some capacity, so determining your most comfortable leadership style will help you be more effective in the future. 

Other than more formal leadership roles, we can choose to be leaders in our everyday lives. By choosing to act according to our values and showing others how to do the same, we can all lead those around us, especially our sisters. 

Sororities have the unique opportunity to provide a welcoming and empowering space for large groups of women, so as we enter Women’s History Month, take some time to think of how you can lead and support the women around you. Delta Gamma Beta Psi also provides many opportunities for leadership and growth such as in committees, JCMT, and CMT. The women in these roles show these qualities of leadership every day and we are so thankful to have such an inspiring group leading our chapter. 

Milk and Cookies

By Anna Rzepkowski, Director of Public Relations

On Friday, February 9th, Delta Gamma Beta Psi held our annual Milk and Cookies philanthropy event. For this event, members sell tickets to friends or family to come to the DG mansion for milk and cookies made by our amazing chefs! 

    This event was a great opportunity for our sisters to bond with each other, share our house with the community, and raise money for our philanthropy, service for sight. Our fundraising for Service for Sight also benefits the Alabama Institute for the Deaf and Blind (AIDB) Preschool in Tuscaloosa.

    Though it had to be pushed back a day due to inclement weather, we still had a great turnout, so thank you to everyone who came and supported service for sight. 

    This year, we raised $10,339 for service for sight through Milk and Cookies! Thank you to everyone who donated. Your contributions make such a difference and help us do good for such a worthy cause. Also, thank you to Kylie Stouder, our VP Foundation and Jordan Kramer, our director of fundraising, for putting this event together and for all of their hard work!

Galentine’s Day

By Anna Rzepkowski, Director of Public Relations

Valentine’s Day is a holiday in which many couples celebrate their love. However, this holiday is also an opportunity to show your appreciation and love to friends and loved ones. This Valentine’s day, we have some ideas to celebrate the love in your life!

  • Send a text! Whether it be to your grandparents, best friend, or sister, send a text to someone you love, reminding them that you care about them.
  • Have a girls night. Valentine’s day is sometimes best celebrated with friends, so host a “Galentine’s day” movie night, grab some snacks, and spend some quality time with your friends.
  • Spend some time doing self care. Some of the most important love in our lives is within ourselves, so show yourself some love with a face mask, your favorite pajamas, and a good night’s sleep!

No matter how you choose to celebrate, take some time to appreciate those around you that you love and those who love you! 

COB Bid Day

By Anna Rzepkowski, Director of Public Relations

Continuous Open Bidding is a process that allows women to find their sorority home in a more casual setting during the Spring. Delta Gamma Beta Psi was able to participate in COB this semester and we have had many events so far to introduce women to our sisterhood including house tours, canvas painting, and a movie night!

On Sunday, February 6th, 20 women ran home to Delta Gamma for COB bid day. We are so excited to have new sisters in our sisterhood. To celebrate, we also attended a bid day retreat at Super Skate to bond. 

We are so excited to welcome our new sisters home!


By Anna Rzepkowski, Director of Public Relations

Every year, the Beta Psi chapter of Delta Gamma hosts a formal called Anchorball. Anchorball was named after the fraternity symbol of the Anchor, which our founders created as a symbol of hope.

This year, on January 28th, 2022, Beta Psi hosted Anchorball at Druid City Social in Tuscaloosa. Anchorball is a great way to kick off the semester and spend time with sisters or a date! 

We want to say thank you to all of the security guards, bus drivers, and other personnel who helped us have a great night!

From getting dressed up to dancing with our sisters, Anchorball was a night to remember!

Happy Spring Semester

By Anna Rzepkowski, Director of Public Relations

Happy Spring semester! The first day of classes at UA was 1/12/21 and the women of Beta Psi returned to campus.

Getting back into the routine of classes after a long break can sometimes be challenging, so to keep yourself organized, keep a planner of all of your weekly assignments, commitments, and activities. If you are already feeling the stress of a new semester, take a break by getting coffee with a sister, exercising, reading, or getting some sleep. It is important to take time each week to prioritize your mental health to keep from getting overwhelmed. We also encourage you to utilize campus resources!

However, returning to campus is also exciting because of all of the opportunities UA has to offer. From DG events, to club meetings, to University Programs events, there is always something to do!

We are excited for the semester ahead filled with attending sisterhood events, serving our community, getting involved on campus, and making memories. Stay tuned to see what exciting things are coming up for Delta Gamma Beta Psi this semester!