October 2018

by Emma Bannen, Director of PR

Anchor Splash

One of Delta Gamma’s biggest fundraising events, Anchor Splash, was a huge success again this year. Beta Psi partnered with University of Alabama fraternities for an afternoon of fun, benefitting service for sight. Each fraternity chose an anchor man to represent them in the pageant and talent competition. With talents ranging from playing  instruments to doing the splits, there was not a dull moment at Anchor Splash 2018. To finish out the competition, each participating fraternity performed a dance routine. Congrats to this year’s winner Sigma Phi Epsilon!


Sisters for Life

This month, Beta Psi welcomed our newest sisters into our chapter through initiation. Family members joined the newly initiated sisters for a celebration after the ceremony. The sacred ritual of initiation is an important moment in the life of any Delta Gamma woman. Now that our newest sisters are initiated, they are welcomed into lifelong membership in Delta Gamma.


Spooky Semi

Delta Gamma held its annual semi-formal date party at Chophouse this month. In honor of Halloween, the venue was decked out in spooky decorations fit for the occasion. Delta Gamma sisters and their guests danced the night away together. Entertainment was provided by a live band. It’s so nice to be able to put on our best dresses and dance all night with our sisters!



by Emma Bannen, Director of PR


Mermaids and pirates and shipwrecks, oh my! Our first date party of the semester was a huge hit. The event was held at Wilhagan’s bar in downtown Tuscaloosa and music was provided by a live band. Delta Gamma sisters and their guests enjoyed an incredible time of dancing and listening to music. This was definitely a night we ARR(GH) never going to forget!



This month, the Beta Psi chapter hosted its first ever Slices for Sight philanthropy event. Delta Gamma partnered with the Delta Chi fraternity to host this fun-filled event. DG sisters and friends enjoyed endless pizza and cuddly canine friends. Our director of banners provided us with the perfect backdrop to capture our memories (shoutout to Nikki). This is the first time DG has partnered with a fraternity on campus for a philanthropy event, but it will not be the last. We raised over $3000 for Service for Sight and The V Foundation.


PJ Party!

We love our PJs at Beta Psi! Our new members cozied up in their pajamas to get to know their new sisters at the new member lock-in. They spent time learning about Delta Gamma and doing bonding activities and finished the night out with a movie. Later in the month, juniors and seniors put on their PJs again for a night of dancing at Galettes. With two floors and two DJs, there was plenty of room to have a good time. This event was a great time for our juniors and seniors to spend some quality time together.



The Big Reveal

The only thing better than getting your bid… is getting your big! After a few days of secret notes and gifts from their bigs, our new members finally got to find out who would be their big. Several generations of Delta Gamma families gathered at Super Skate to surprise their newest additions. We dressed up in matching outfits and skated our hearts out, already in love with our littles.




With school starting to pick up, we all needed a break. So, Beta Psi took a trip to Six Flags Over Georgia. A day filled with rides and sisterhood time is just what we needed to make it to fall break! We packed our fanny packs with the essentials and squeezed in as many roller coasters as possible. The Six Flags sisterhood is one that our sisters look forward to every year.




Alex Nehib


Year: Junior

Major: Chemical Engineering

Minor: Mathematics

Involvement in Delta Gamma: Former Director of Scholarship Programming

Campus Involvement: I’m involved with the Society of Women Engineers and the American Institute of Chemical Engineers on campus. Both are great ways to meet new people in my department as well as make networking connections. For fun, I’m involved with CHAARG which is a female empowerment and fitness club that’s all about health and wellness. This is my favorite part of the week and I love going to weekly workouts and small groups with my DG sisters!

Recent Accomplishments: I’m currently working in my second term as an Engineering Co-Op at Georgia Pacific. Being away from campus all week is hard, but the opportunity to work for one of the largest privately held corporations and learn more about my field has been incredibly valuable.

Favorite DG Memory: Taking road trips with my sisters to each other’s hometowns! We’ve been to Dallas, St. Louis, Chicago, Atlanta and more!

Fun Fact: I’m a huge hockey fan! (Go Dallas Stars!)


Lawson Colgate

Year: Freshman

Major: Public Relations

Minor: General Business & Spanish

Involvement in Delta Gamma: Homecoming dance team, Anchor Splash J-Board

Campus Involvement: On campus, I’m involved in Capstone Agency, Public Relations Student Society of America, and Capstone Communication Student Society. Capstone Agency is PRSSA nationally affiliated, student-run integrated communications firm. I am an Assistant Media Coordinator for Capstone Agency and work with EcoCAR to communicate the competition to the media. Being involved in Capstone Agency is very important to me because it reflects what my future could look like. As a PR major, I could possibly work for a communications firm. Capstone Agency also provides me with amazing students that push me to my limits and inspire me to be the best PR student I can be. PRSSA is a pre-professional organization that provides me with information about the public relations professions, networks with professionals and educators in the industry and improves my communication skills. CCSS is a similar organization. It provides me with access to all events, speakers, and anything else happening that’s C&IS related. These organizations provide me with hands on experience and learning.

Recent Accomplishments: I recently was accepted into the Capstone Agency as an Assistant Media Coordinator. I was one of 32/198 applicants accepted this fall. Writing industry newsletters, news releases, pitches, and blogs, I work with EcoCar to broadcast the competition.

Favorite DG Memory: My favorite DG memory so far is Bid Day. I loved running home to DG and starting to meet all my sisters. Bid day was so fun and everyone I met was very welcoming.

Fun Fact: A fun fact is that I currently run my own personal blog page in Instagram and my own personal YouTube channel where I post videos about my life.


BID DAY + Beyond: August 2018

by Emma Bannen, Director of PR


August 19, 2018, was the best day of the year for University of Alabama sorority members! After a long week of primary recruitment, the Beta Psi chapter welcomed home 123 beautiful new members of Delta Gamma. New members and their families celebrated bid day at the Delta Gamma mansion with Full Moon barbecue, Steel City Pops and lots of love from their new sisters. Later that evening, the newest Delta Gamma sisters departed for the annual new member retreat at the Georgia Aquarium, where they were able to spend the night sleeping “under the sea”.


YAY for the First Day

With recruitment, bid day and new member retreat under our belts, our Beta Psi sisters were ready for the new school year. The first day of school is always exciting and it’s even more exciting when you’re a Delta Gamma. We’re so proud of our smarty pants sisters for starting the school year off right!


Flashback to Recruitment!

We wouldn’t have been able to welcome all our amazing new members without our preparation during work week and recruitment. With fun theme days and activities, our recruitment team made all the hard work feel like a piece of cake! And it was definitely worth it! The Beta Psi chapter had an outstanding recruitment and brought home the best new members ever. Welcome home, MC ’18! We love you!


Sisterhood Spotlight: Alana Doyle


Alana Doyle was able to give an “encore” to her summer internship with Viacom by reporting live from the pink carpet at the MTV Video Music Awards! Alana was selected out of all of Viacom’s summer interns for this incredible honor. Beta Psi is so proud of Alana for taking steps toward her dream of working in the entertainment industry!

Delta Gamma Convention 2018

by Emma Bannen, Director of PR

A Weekend to Remember

Pictured with the Delta Gamma flag are (from left) Katie Grace Hatton (Beta Psi Chapter President), Jessica Smith (former Beta Psi VP: Programming), Amanda Shoemaker (Beta Psi VP: Social Standards), Leyla Desjardin (Beta Psi VP: Finance), and Ray Doughman (Beta Psi VP: Panhellenic). Pictured on the couch are Katie Grace Hatton and Leyla Desjardin. 

Hundreds of sisters together in one room? We can’t imagine anything better! Several of our Beta Psi members and advisors traveled to Phoenix, Arizona to attend the 2018 Delta Gamma Convention. This biennial event is a time for collegiate and alumnae members of Delta Gamma to come together, reflect and celebrate our fraternity.

This year, Beta Psi was honored for excellence in Vice President Finance for our region, and recognized as the number one chapter in our region for collecting Boxtops for Education. Our region was also commended for fundraising the highest monetary amount in the nation for our foundation, winning the Regional Race. Beta Psi was also recognized for donating $50,000 to the needs based scholarship program.

In addition, Beta Psi alumna, Susan Eddy Kinney, was elected Delta Gamma Fraternity Treasurer!

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Susan Eddy Kinney (left) is pictured here with Katie Grace Hatton (right).

Keep reading to see what a few Beta Psi sisters had to say about their experience in Phoenix at DG Convention!

Leyla Desjardin

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Leyla Desjardin serves as Beta Psi’s VP: Finance. She is pictured here (center) with Amy Davis, Beta Psi Advisory Team Chairman (left), and Katie Grace Hatton, Beta Psi Chapter President (right), 

“Delta Gamma Convention was such an incredible, life-changing experience. Our motto, “For hope, for strength, for life”, truly became a reality for me these past few days. I was so touched to learn about all of the amazing things our foundation does, as well as honored to be able to witness the announcement that our foundation will be sponsoring a FIFTH school for the visually impaired! I was able to meet women of all ages from all over, and it amazed me that while we all live very different lives, we all have Delta Gamma in common. Convention has made me fall deeper in love with Delta Gamma and has only made me want to become more involved with Delta Gamma both now and when I become an alumna. I am so lucky to be a member of an organization so dedicated to empowering women and helping others, and am so happy to have experienced the 68th Biennial Convention of Delta Gamma.” 


Jessica Smith

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Jessica Smith is a former VP: Programming of Beta Psi. She is pictured here (left) with Amanda Shoemaker, Beta Psi’s VP: Social Standards (center), and Leyla Desjardin, Beta Psi’s VP: Finance (right). 

“To begin to describe the experiences had this weekend at the Delta Gamma convention is impossible. From hearing the State of the Fraternity address to watching Beta Psi alumna Susan Kinney take the oath of office to begin her duties as Council Treasurer, the experience was so surreal that I often was moved to tears. I constantly found myself taking a second to pause and think about the sheer power that existed in those conference rooms at the Arizona Biltmore hotel. The women that I was surrounded by have made tremendous impacts not only on the lives of Delta Gamma women, but on the lives of all women. Their empowering words renewed my sense of pride in Delta Gamma and the mission that we have adopted to do good in all that we do. Most of all, I was reminded that Delta Gamma, if you allow it to be, will be for life. My stories that I will tell of Delta Gamma convention for years to come will surely be love stories, stories of love for our beloved fraternity, for the women that have made it what it is, and for the women in those conference rooms— the visionaries of the future of the fraternity who will help guide us towards the next sixty-eight conventions of our beautiful Delta Gamma.”


Katie Grace Hatton

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Katie Grace Hatton serves as Beta Psi’s Chapter President. She is pictured here (right) with Kate Stanton, Delta Gamma Council Trustee: Fraternity Programming.

“As I leave convention I am more proud and thankful to be apart of such a spectacular women’s fraternity. Delta Gamma has truly given me an experience I will never forget and will continue to live it out for the rest of my life. From all of the inspiring women I have met to the wonderful speakers and new things I have learned, I will cherish this weekend forever and look forward to many more conventions.”


Lasting Memories

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Newly installed Fraternity President, Wilma Wilbanks (left), with Beta Psi President, Katie Grace Hatton (right). 

Delta Gamma Convention provided us with memories that will last a lifetime, new connections with sisters and a renewed understanding of what it truly means to be a Delta Gamma woman.

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Pictured from left: Jessica Smith, Leyla Desjardin, Kate Stanton, Katie Grace Hatton, and Ray Doughman. 

APRIL & MAY 2018

by Emma Bannen, Director of PR


“Sweet potato pie & I shut my mouth!” We danced our hearts out to country tunes at our Song of the South date party! Everyone dressed in flannels, denim, and bandannas and our live band put their own spin on the hits. Even songs that topped the pop charts had their own country twang. The best part: we had plenty of wide open space to show off our moves! It was so much fun to be able to have this event outside. It was such an amazing time spending the evening with our sisters and our dates. This “hoedown throwdown” was one for the books!



At the beginning of May, (most of us) finished our finals, packed our bags, and headed out to wherever the summer would take us. Shout out to all our sisters that are staying in Tuscaloosa or studying somewhere else for the summer! For the rest of us, that means almost three months with no class. Whether you choose to fill your time with internships, putting in the hours at work, or laying out by the pool, you don’t have to worry about grades or classes! We sadly said goodbye to our seniors. Ladies, we wish you the best of luck in the “real” world!




Year: Incoming Senior

Major: Biology

Specialization: STEM Path to MBA, Pre-PA

Involvement in Delta Gamma: Director of Campus Involvement, Homecoming Basketball Team

Campus Involvement: I’m the VP Campus Involvement for UADM, an organization that has given as much to me as I have put into it. It’s incredible to be surrounded by so many college students who care so much about giving kids the childhood that they deserve and are so dedicated to a future where we can celebrate a cure for so many childhood diseases. With UADM exec, I’m also an Assistant Team Leader within UA’s Center for Service and Leadership. This role is really cool to me because it exposes me to different ways to serve the Tuscaloosa community through tons of different organizations. The people I’ve gotten to meet are pretty incredible, too.

Recent Accomplishments: I graduated! I finished my BS in biology in 3 years and will be completing my Masters of business administration during my senior year. The STEM Path to the MBA allowed me to accelerate my masters so I can finish everything in 4 years before I (hopefully) head to 2 more years of school to become a Physician assistant.

Favorite DG Memory: Living in DG with one of my closest friends. We shared a lot of laughs and a lot of love in room 217; I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

Fun Fact: I have to drive south to get to Canada! I’m also a huge Shakespeare nerd.



Year: Incoming Sophomore

Major: Management Information Systems

Minor/Specialization: French/Pre-Med

Involvement in Delta Gamma: Banta Babe, Bid Day Committee

Campus Involvement: I am in the Honors College, which provides me an additional boost in my academics here at UA. I love the smaller class sizes and the interesting topics!

Recent Accomplishments: I was recently accepted to intern at Sacred Heart Hospital in Pensacola FL over the summer!

Favorite DG Memory: My favorite DG memory so far is spending time in the third floor anchor room with my sisters. There are so many laughs and fun memories there! Bible study, hang out time, homework/study sessions, only good things come out of that area! Love that place and those people!

Fun Fact: I have been a competitive horseback rider for 10 years!



by Emma Bannen, Director of PR


Greek Week and Derby Days are two of our favorite weeks of the year! What could be better than some friendly competition to win money for our philanthropy? Delta Gamma competed against other sororities on campus in Greek Week and Derby Days events to win money for Service for Sight. Keep reading to learn more about these super fun weeks from our vp: panhellenic, Ray!



Greek Week is week-long competition between pairings of all the Greek Organizations on campus. This year, Delta Gamma was paired with Sigma Chi, Theta Tau, and Sigma Gamma Rho. The competition includes sporting events such as kickball, academic events such as trivia night, service events such as Habitat for Humanity, as well as a dance competition to end the week.

This year’s Greek Week stood out because every competition was close and it was exciting to see all our sisters compete so hard for Delta Gamma. The best moment of Greek Week this year was when it was announced that we won the overall Spirit Award for the week!

Ray said that being vp: Panhellenic made Greek Week different this year because she got to be the one to be in contact with the organizations we were paired with, which was amazing in getting to see how willing others were to participate in competitions for us, and how excited they were to cheer everyone on! Her favorite Greek Week event is the Greek Sing dance competition, because it is the most spirited event and everyone cheers for everyone. It’s always such a loud and positive environment that is just amazing to be a part of!

Delta Gamma finished the week in second place overall, won the Greek Sing competition (for the third year in a row), and won the overall spirit award!



Derby Days is a week long philanthropy event for Sigma Chi that entails several different competitions between sororities on campus. Competitions include a water balloon toss, dodgeball, and a dance competition. This year’s Derby Days stood out because we had a large target on our back due to winning Derby Days last year and placing so well in Greek Week this year, which makes the events that much more exciting!

Ray’s favorite Derby Days event was the House Decorating competition. She says,”It was really cool to get to cover the Sigma Chi house in things that said Delta Gamma and get to interact with members from all of the other organizations. The best moment of Derby Days this year was sitting in the basement for almost 4 hours making posters for the House Decorating with some sisters that I haven’t gotten to previously spend much time with!”


Greek Week and Derby Days were great opportunities to spend time with our sisters. A little bit of friendly competition is an amazing way to bond with sisters from our chapter and the entire panhellenic community!

MARCH 2018

by Emma Bannen, Director of PR


What a great way to start out the month! Delta Gamma held its first ever sisterhood party on the first day of March. Everyone donned their most colorful wigs and danced like no one was watching. No dates, just sisters having a fun night together! The band played lots of throwback hits and we all knew every word. It was truly a night to remember!


Beta Psi celebrated Delta Gamma Founders Day on March 4, 2018 at Northriver Yacht Club. Collegians and Alumnae from all over the country gathered together to celebrate 144 years of Delta Gamma sisterhood! Kate Stanton, Council Trustee: Fraternity Programming (Alpha Iota, University of Oklahoma) spoke to us about what Delta Gamma has meant and continues to mean to her throughout various stages of her life. Numerous awards were given out, honoring many of our sisters. A great time of celebration was enjoyed by all. Check out this post to read more about Founders Day 2018!



Delta Gamma held its second annual Anchor Slam basketball tournament this month. Over thirty teams started the competition but only one rose to victory. A few of the members of Zeta Beta Tau Fraternity were the champions of this year’s Anchor Slam! (Fun Fact: ZBT was also the defending champion from last year.) This event raised over ten thousand dollars for Service for Sight!


Over fifty sisters headed out to the woods for our Chapter Retreat at the end of this month. S’mores, hiking, and sisterhood: what could be better? Sisters enjoyed a camping trip put on by our vp: programming. This was a great time to get away from a hectic routine of classes and extracurriculars. Camping gave us some much needed time away to finish the semester!


Delta Gamma recently competed in Greek Week! Greek Week is a week-long competition put on by the UA Greek Programming Board. We competed in bowling, dodgeball, the Greek Sing dance competition, and more. Delta Gamma took first place in Greek Sing, first place for Spirit and second place overall!



Year: Sophomore

Major: Communicative Disorders

Minor: Psychology

Involvement in Delta Gamma: Anchor splash coach, spirit committee for homecoming/greek week

Campus Involvement: I am involved in UADM and love it so much because I feel like I really get to make a difference in an organization that is much bigger than myself! I am also involved in NSSHLA for my major which involves raising money for speech & hearing disorders as well as making connections within my major.

Recent Accomplishments: I made the dean’s list for the second semester in a row! I also raised $200 for UADM.

Favorite DG Memory: My favorite memory in DG so far would have to be being involved with greek week and derby days because I got to see the bonds of our sisterhood cheering everyone on and meet a lot of great girls I had never really met before. It was also so exciting when we won both events! We had such an amazing energy as a chapter and I can’t wait for this year.


Year: Senior

Major: Telecommunication & Film

Minors: Communication Studies & Sports Journalism

Specialization: Electronic News

Involvement in Delta Gamma: I was the director of intramurals for 2 years, as well as participating in intramurals for DG.

Campus Involvement: Since summer after my sophomore year, I’ve worked at WVUA 23, the local television news station here in Tuscaloosa. They have a phenomenal internship program that has allowed me to grow and gain so much experience in my field before I even start applying for jobs. I’m both a reporter and producer in their news and sports departments. I’ve also held the communication chair and Secretary positions for the Radio Television Digital News Association (RTDNA) on campus.

Recent Accomplishments: I made the President’s List (again!!), and that’s truly one of my biggest accomplishments because school has never really been my thing; if you told me in high school I would ever be making a 4.0, I never would’ve believed you.

Favorite DG Memory: This is gonna sound really cheesy, but it’s hard to narrow down the past 3 1/2 years and pick one favorite. If I had to say one right now, it would be my last pref ceremony from this past recruitment. Every year all of the seniors always cry and get really emotional knowing that it’s their last party of recruitment, but being with the girls in my pledge class that I’ve been with since day 1 and seeing how far we’ve come over the years; it was a moment of pure bliss knowing that I’ve spent my college years with the best friends and the best sorority I could have asked for.

Fun Fact: Volleyball has been a huge part of my life, and I actually went to my first match when I was 9 days old for my older sister’s tournament.


Year: Sophomore

Major: Chemical Engineering

Involvement in Delta Gamma: I was the Crimson Village chair, and I served on this past years nominating committee!

Campus Involvement: I am an ambassador for both the Honors College and the STEM Path to the MBA program, and both of the opportunities allow me to meet so many new people and hopefully inspire potential students to attend UA! I am also a BRIGHT mentor, so I have the chance to go to local elementary schools once a week and read to the kids there!

Recent Accomplishments: I am currently completing a co-op at Goodyear Tire and Rubber! Also, I have made Dean’s List every semester since starting college!

Favorite DG Memory: My favorite memory has been living in the DG house. I’ve formed so many incredible friendships just by living right down the hall from my sisters, and I wouldn’t trade that for the world. (Also, it makes the snack cabinet very convenient.)

Fun Fact: I was the youngest person in my graduating class in high school!

Anchored for Life

by Emma Bannen, Director of PR

Celebrating Founders Day 2018

In 1873, Mary Comfort Leonard, Eva Webb Dodd, and Anna Boyd Ellington came together to form the sisterhood we all know and love. On March 4, collegians, alumnae, advisers, and friends of the Beta Psi chapter joined together to celebrate the 144th anniversary of the founding of Delta Gamma.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

The Founders Day celebration was held at Northriver Yacht Club. Delta Gammas of all ages came together to remember our founders and celebrate our sisterhood against the backdrop of the yacht club. Beautiful rock ledges, flowers, greenery, and a plethora of anchors made for the perfect venue for this event.

For Hope, For Strength, For Life

Senior collegians joined advisers and alumnae for brunch before the Founders Day ceremony began. Megan Birkes, Beta Psi alumnae class of 2017, spoke at the lunch, encouraging seniors as they transition to the next phase of their Delta Gamma journey.

To start the Founders Day festivities, Debbie Campbell, president of House Corporation, led that annual House Corporation Meeting. We are so excited for the renovations coming to our beautiful home this year!

During the ceremony, we were treated to a speech by guest speaker, Kate Stanton (Alpha Iota: University of Oklahoma), Council Trustee: Fraternity Programming. Kate reminded us of the bond that we share as sisters by walking us through some of the times in her own life that she has shared with her Delta Gamma sisters. She showed us that her sisters stood by her, even in some of her most difficult moments.

We were able to recognize some Beta Psi collegians with awards based on the qualities that Delta Gamma holds dear. Here are the recipients of the 2018 awards:

Anchor Award: Haley Kirkpatrick – presented to the new member who shows the most dedication to her chapter

First Mate Award: Alex Kaldis – presented to the chapter member who displays excellence in her work within her committee

Captain Award: Mady Epplin – presented to the chapter member who shows the most dedication in her position as a director

Mary Comfort Leonard Award: Hannah Pope – presented to the chapter member who best exemplifies the quality of honor

Eva Webb Dodd Award: Katie Slaughter – presented to the chapter member who best exemplifies the quality of loyalty

Anna Boyd Ellington Award: Kelly Fator – presented to the chapter member who best exemplifies the ideals of friendship

Dr. Judy Bonner Award: Caroline Hudson – presented to the chapter member who best exemplifies Delta Gamma

Appie Millsaps Award: Reilly Carr – presented to a leader of Beta Psi who shows hard work and dedication to the chapter day in and day out

Betty Jones Bentley Award: Clara Chuey – given to the sister that always demonstrates the highest ideals of friendship

We then recognized our advisers for all the hard work and dedication they continue to show to the Beta Psi chapter. The ceremony concluded with Delta Gamma rituals.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

We are so thankful for a chance to come together and celebrate our bond of sisterhood. Delta Gamma means so much in the lives of each sister. Without the ideals of Eva, Mary, and Anna, none of us would be where we are today. We are stronger and better because of Delta Gamma. Founders Day was an incredible opportunity to reaffirm the bond that Delta Gamma has given us and the impact that Beta Psi has had on us all.



by Emma Bannen, Director of PR


Milk & Cookies is definitely one of our favorite fundraising events. Unlimited cookies for only five dollars? AND it benefits Service for Sight? What could be better?! We had so much fun welcoming sisters and guests into our home to enjoy delicious milk and cookies prepared by our amazing chefs. Everyone had a great time and left with full stomachs. The event raised over twelve thousand dollars for Service for Sight! Huge shout out to our vp: foundation and the whole foundation team for planning such a great event!



We had so much fun welcoming so many parents into our home this month. The programming team planned an amazing weekend, full of lots of fun events for us to enjoy with our families. Parents arrived on Thursday and Friday and some were able to enjoy Delta Gamma’s famous “Fried Friday”. Friday night included a social event at the Tuscaloosa Rivermarket. Sisters and their families enjoyed appetizers, drinks, and dancing to music by a local Tuscaloosa band. After a day of exploring Tuscaloosa on their own, families came together to enjoy a nice dinner at Indian Hills Country Club on Saturday night. Finally, we closed out the weekend with brunch and tours of the Delta Gamma house on Sunday morning. What a great weekend of time spent together!



Delta Gamma was honored to take home the Outstanding Commitment to Diversity Award at the Greek Excellence Awards! Our 2016-2017 Chapter Management Team attended the ceremony and accepted the award.




Year: Junior

Major: Multiple Abilities Program

Involvement in Delta Gamma: Anchor Splash Coach

Campus Involvement: I volunteer a couple of times a week at Holt Elementary School and adore working with the children there. I also am the President of the Student Council for Exceptional Children club here on UA’s campus where we work with students that have special needs in the Tuscaloosa community and it is extremely rewarding. I love working with and helping others so I try to do as much as I can to lend a helping hand in the community!

Recent Accomplishments: I was just recently elected to serve as one of the new Presidents for the Student Council for Exceptional Children club on campus. I am so honored and excited to help lead such an amazing organization here at Alabama! This past semester I also made the President’s list at the University for the second time in a row and prior to that I made the Dean’s list for two semesters!

Favorite DG Memory: My favorite DG memory so far would probably be when the team I helped coach my freshman year won Anchor Splash!

Fun Fact: I used to ride horses when I was younger!


Year: Senior

Major: Hospitality Management Concentration in Events/Sports Management

Minor: Computer Applications & Technology

Involvement in Delta Gamma: Co-director of Service

Campus Involvement: I am involved with UADM non-profit organization, Crimson Kindness, HARACA (Hotel and Restaurant and Convention Association) Each of these organizations has helped me grow as an overall individual. I absolutely love giving back and getting involved in the community.

Recent Accomplishments: I completed the Disney College Program in 2017, and I also work at the Men’s Football and Basketball games as an Event Ambassador for multiple companies.

Favorite DG Memory: Honestly any time I get to have bonding time with Member Class 2014. It seems so simple, but it is crazy to think in the last 4 years how we have grown up together and now we are about to begin our next journey after graduation.

Fun Fact: The top 3 places I hope to visit one day: Ireland, Paris, and Greece


Year: Junior

Major: Political Science

Specialization: Public Policy, Pre-law Track

Involvement in Delta Gamma: Director of Golden Anchor; previous director of rituals and director of activities

Campus Involvement: Turning Point USA: I’m the current secretary/finance director. TPUSA is a non-partisan organization that educates people of free markets, capitalism, and limited government. We have different events on campus along with national TPUSA holding conferences across the country. I just attended a conference in West Palm Beach, FL with two other sisters and we were able to hear from many great speakers, make networking connections throughout the country, and got to see Air Force One land at the airport.

Recent Accomplishments: I had an internship this past summer with Alabama Emergency Management Agency, which is the agency that deals with natural disasters and the recovery process. While I was there, I got to work multiple activations during hurricanes and tropical storms by running the agency’s Twitter and Facebook pages along with setting up multiple press conferences for Governor Kay Ivey.

Favorite DG Memory: Finding out one of my role models was a Delta Gamma. My mom is a professor at UNC-CH and when I was younger, she had a master’s student I was obsessed with because she went to Harvard and at the time, I wanted to go there for law school. Flash forward many years later and come to find out we are both sisters. Crazy how small the world can be.

Fun Fact: My secret talent is that I can step. I still remember all of my high school basketball cheers where we stepped. If you ask me, I’ll show you.

Love is in the air…

by Emma Bannen, Director of PR

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Today is a day of love and the Beta Psi chapter is celebrating! We’re taking today to think all about how much we love our sisters. There are so many things we love about Bama Delta Gamma, so here are just a few:

  1. Our beautiful Beta Psi chapter houseProcessed with VSCO with c6 preset
  2. And the lovely staff that take care of it!
  3. Getting all dolled up for date parties 

  4. Our sisterhood photo shoots! 

  5. Our bigs & our littles 

  6. Our super sweet Chapter Management TeamProcessed with VSCO with c1 preset
  7. The advisors that oversee us & our house mom!
  8. Sharing our love for Service for Sight with everyone 

  9. Our newest membersProcessed with VSCO with c1 preset
  10. And of course…

All the sisters that make our chapter so great!!


We love you, Beta Psi! XOXO