What We are Thankful For

By Anna Rzepkowski, Director of Public Relations

This Thanksgiving break, we are reflecting on what we are thankful for. Whether we spent time with family or friends, traveling, or relaxing, we are thankful for this time to take a break, recharge, and prepare to come back to campus and finish this semester strong.

The Beta Psi chapter wants to thank our house mother, Ms. Lynn for all she does for us, our advisors who assist our chapter leadership, and everyone who works hard to help our house run smoothly. Without these individuals, our chapter would not be what it is today and we are very grateful that they are parts of our family.

In thinking about what we are thankful for, we also celebrate our sisterhood. From philanthropy and sisterhood events to late night talks and coffee runs, we are thankful that Beta Psi brought us all together. Our strong bonds and countless memories make for a sisterhood to be grateful for all year.


By Anna Rzepkowski, Director of Public Relations

Every year, the Beta Psi chapter’s Junior Chapter Management Team (or JCMT) collaborates on a word to guide our sisterhood and culture. This year, they have selected the word unity as our watchword.

In discussing the watchword, Sydney Bonner, Chapter President, said “Our watchword describes the chapter culture we hope to foster, and this year, JCMT has chosen the word “unity.” Reflecting on my years in Beta Psi, this word perfectly summarizes the chapter culture we wish to continue. Unity is empowering your sisters, fostering meaningful connections, and being a champion for others. Every member brings a gift to this chapter and we are strongest when we are united. I am excited to see the ways Beta Psi flourishes this year and I am honored to be a part of it!” Bonner (MC ’19) said.

So, within the walls of Delta Gamma, around campus, in our community, or anywhere else we may go, the women of the Beta Psi chapter of Delta Gamma will be united as they reflect upon and uphold this year’s watchword.

August 2021

By Leigha Whitridge, Director of Public Relations

Work Week & Recruitment

We were so thrilled to be back in-person this year for recruitment! Shoutout to our VP Membership and the membership team for all their hard work putting on an incredible recruitment. While being back with our sisters, we had such a fun week getting ready to meet MC’21 and remembering why we all missed DG so much over summer. During recruitment, all our sisters were so proud to share our sisterhood and the genuine connections that make Delta Gamma a true home away from home.

Bid Day

We swept the row this year and got such an incredible new member class! All our sisters absolutely loved getting to watch our 148 new sisters run home, and to welcome them to Delta Gamma with open arms. Our programming catered a great meal from Taco Mama and put on such a fun afternoon of getting to meet our new sisters. Bid day is by far the best day of the year, and the sisterhood only gets better from here. 

First Day of Classes

We all are so excited to be back in the classroom and to enjoy walking around our beautiful campus. Our sisters are already studying hard and working towards being top 3 in grades again!

Our First Sisterhood

Our sisters danced the night away at The Bear Trap, celebrating the start of new friendships and another great year ahead of us. We can’t wait to make the amazing memories with our sisters that will last not only during our college years, but for a lifetime.

Summer 2021- DG Drops a Pin

By Leigha Whitridge, Director of Public Relations

While we are so happy to be back and get this semester started, take a quick look at all the amazing places our sisters were able to travel to this Summer! From Exuma, Bahamas to the lakes of Washington state to the beautiful beaches of Hawaii, and even cruising out of Port Canaveral, Florida, you can always find one of our amazing Delta Gamma women.

March 2021

By Leigha Whitridge, Director of Public Relations

Founder’s Day

This month marks 10 years of Beta Psi! We honored our founders, Anna Boyd Ellington, Eva Webb Dodd and Mary Comfort Leonard, and the values they laid out for us. They founded Delta Gamma in lasting friendships that encourage and empower our members to be the best version of themselves, while striving to always ‘Do Good.’ Alabama and DG alum, Sydney Ryba, gave a captivating speech about the lessons learned during and after her experiences in Delta Gamma that she looks back on with “nothing but nostalgia and, more importantly, gratitude.” She described her position on the Chapter Management Team saying, “This chapter taught me so many things about myself that I didn’t know and so many skills that I would’ve previously never had. I learned how important it is to go all in for something when you want it. I couldn’t imagine looking back on my college life without those women or that experience.” The love and support that grows from Delta Gamma’s sisterhood was evident. She said it best when ending with “Sometimes it is easy to say that DG is a small part of your life, but I promise you’re wrong.”

Big Little and Initiation

They’re finally official!!! We are so grateful to have gotten our girls this spring semester and continue to grow Beta Psi. After Inspiration and Initiation, we were so happy to share our rituals and the bonds of sisterhood with these amazing women. Welcome to the sisterhood MC’20!

Parent’s Weekend

We love parents weekend! At The Bear Trap our sisters and their parents enjoyed a sunny afternoon on the rooftop. We were lucky enough to listen to The Band U.S again at one of our events! On Sunday, we got to take our parents bowling and later enjoy coffee and treats at Heritage House. Shoutout to our VP Programming, Ainsley Melrose, and her directors for throwing on such a fun weekend!

Anchor Ball

We were thrilled to have our annual formal, Anchor Ball, this year! The Band U.S provided great music that our sisters and dates danced to all night. Druid City Social was decorated with twinkling string lights and full of smiles and laughter.

February 2021

By Leigha Whitridge, Director of Public Relations

COB Bid Day Retreat: DG Disco

Welcome new members!!! We got to welcome our new member class with a night of roller blading to some fun throwbacks under colorful disco lights. These women are such an amazing addition to our chapter, and we are thrilled to keep growing our sisterhood. We can’t wait to keep getting to know each and every one of them!


Our new Chapter Management and Junior Chapter Management Teams are in full swing. They have already dedicated so much time and effort towards Beta Psi, leading with the word “Transparency” in mind. As leaders, they focus on being open, honest and inclusive while working hard for our chapter. We are eager to see what amazing things they do next!

Galentine’s Day

There is no better day to celebrate sisterhood than Galentine’s Day! We sipped on coffee and snacked on treats at Heritage House while laughing throughout the morning. We got to spend the day enjoying and appreciating all the wonderful friendships formed through Delta Gamma.

Milk and Cookies

This year, our sisters were able to put on our Milk and Cookies Fundraiser again. With the help of our friends, we were able to fundraise over $8,000 for our philanthropy, Service for Sight. Thank you to everyone who supported this great cause and helped us live out our motto, “Do Good.” Shout out to our VP of Philanthropy, Maddie Fries, and everyone involved for putting on such a great event.

November 2020

By Leigha Whitridge, Director of Public Relations

Ginger Bread House Sisterhood

Let the holiday festivities begin! To kick-start the most wonderful time of the year, we paired up and spent the evening decorating gingerbread houses and cookie Christmas trees with icing and colorful candy in our dining room. Keeping them together was a lot easier said than done, but don’t worry, only a few gingerbread houses ended up on the floor!

Ornament Making

In the season of giving, our sisters sent off these sparkling handmade ornaments to the residents of the Pine Valley and Crimson Village retirement homes. Never underestimate the value of a simple, yet sentimental, gift, especially in times like these. Hopefully these ornaments will serve as little reminders of the joy, warm wishes and snow we are wishing everyone this year.

House Decorating

How many sorority sisters does it take to decorate a house? We came together to get our house looking festive and ready for the holidays. Like years before, our Christmas tree, garlands and outside wreaths all incorporate our light blue with silver accents. Three stockings now hang above the fireplace in honor of our founders Anna, Eva and Mary. Our anchor shines bright on the row wrapped up in glowing string lights.

September & October 2020

By Leigha Whitridge, Director of Public Relations


We are so thankful for our sisterhood, especially in times like these. The support and friendship from our sisters this semester is something to truly be grateful for and remember in this season. With a Friendsgiving dinner, we celebrated this amazing sisterhood and ate lots of turkey!

Pumpkin Patch

Nothing says fall like the pumpkin patch! We got to spend the day outside picking out pumpkins and laughing with our sisters, as well as petting the adorable farm animals. 


There’s nothing like game days in Tuscaloosa. Even though they looked a little different this year, we still got to cheer on our team in Bryant Denny with our sisters. With the season coming to a close, we look back on all the wins and get excited for the remaining games. Roll Tide Roll!

August 2020

By Anna Desjardin, Director of Public Relations

Work Week

Navigating how to do recruitment during a global pandemic was a learning curve that we all had to get behind, but we would be nowhere without our amazing Membership team! These girls led us through work week flawlessly and showed us all of the ins and outs of Zoom recruitment. Although we wish we got to spend the week with our sisters in person, it was such a delight getting to see everyone through the computer screen since March!


Although things looked different this year, we had so much fun completing virtual recruitment for the first time ever! Getting to chat with all of the PNMs over Zoom was definitely something we never imagined, but we had so much fun doing it! In the end, we walked into Bid Day with our masks on and smiles underneath because WE GOT OUR GIRLS!

Bid Day

Even during a pandemic, BID DAY IS THE BEST DAY! We absolutely swept the row this year and we were so excited to greet our new members to our house in a socially distant manor! We wish our active members could have all been there to bring our girls home, but we all still had a great time meeting each new member through Zoom later in the day.

Bid Day Bowling

We had such a fun time at Bowlero with our new members to celebrate them joining our home! Dressed in Bid Day jerseys and our signature bronze, pink and blue, our girls bowled the night away. We LOVE our new members already!

First Day of Classes

New school year means new clothes, right? Well in our case this semester its new masks! Having to wear masks during classes isn’t so bad when you have your sisters by your side. We jumped into the new school year ready to learn on Zoom and in the classroom, waiting patiently to be in the top-4 for grades once again!

February 2020

By Anna Desjardin, Director of Public Relations

Anchor Ball

We had so much fun dancing the night away at Anchor Ball this year! Our girls got to spend the night with their sisters and their dates overlooking the Black Warrior River and singing along with Park Band. Cypress Inn was such a delight and we loved every minute of it!

Galentine’s Day

All you need is love and your sisters ♡ Happy Galentine’s Day from Beta Psi! We spent the day in our lovely home surrounded by our sisters, a chocolate fountain, cookies, and a movie. We are so thankful to share love in the bonds, always!

Milk and Cookies

With sugar-filled smiles we are so proud to announce that we raised $14,610 at our annual philanthropy event, Milk and Cookies, to benefit Service for Sight and the Alabama Institute for Deaf and Blind! We are so appreciative to everyone who donated and came by to eat delicious cookies with us and create puffy-paint coloring pages for visually impaired children!

Sisterhood Date Party

The mountains are calling and we must go ✰ We had such a fun time at our sisterhood date party wearing all of our favorite ski lodge gear! Twelve25 was a new location that we had so much fun at and even got to sing some karaoke 🎤 Who’s ready to sing next?!

Parents’ Weekend

The most wonderful weekend of the semester! We had the BEST time with our parents in town for a few days. We began the weekend with a Friday night social event at Hotel Capstone for parents and daughters to mingle. Saturday night our sisters and their parents enjoyed dinner at Indian Hills Country Club. To top off the amazing weekend, we welcomed all of the families into the Delta Gamma Mansion for brunch and house tours. We are so thankful that our sisters are surrounded by such loving, supportive, extraordinary people! Thank you for all you do, moms, dads & more!